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| 19 February 2019 | Reply

Label: eOne / Entertainment One Music

Release Date: October 26, 2018

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I am not sure how these guys have stayed off my radar, but when I pushed my way through some late 2018 releases, this one popped into the fray, and I am so glad it did – this thing rocks from top to bottom.  Disc opener “First Time” kicks off with a great riff and some breakneck drums / percussion and then the sound explodes as the song kicks into high gear.  The vocals are solid and perfectly accompany the guitar work.  The bottom end is tight and punctuates the songs groove.  “Aftermath” has a different vibe and cadence than the previous track, but is just as solid.  The vocals are a little more ‘modern’ than I normally dig, but they fit the mood of the track.  The chorus comes along and gets your foot tapping and head banging.  “Stowaway” is a solid rocker from the guitar in the intro to the heavy handed drumming and pounding bass lines through the vocals that come at you from the opening verse and keep the pressure on through the choruses.  “Reflection” comes straight at you from the opening guitar and drums and doesn’t let up for a little over 3-1/2 minutes.  The chorus is contagious and should get fists in the air if it makes the setlist in a live scenario.  “Under” opens with a cool vocal that is quickly joined by the guitars and rhythm section.  The structure of this track allows for the vocals, guitars, drums, and bass to interact with each other without any becoming overpowering or overshadowing the others.

“Die Knowing” has a heavier sound than some of the other tracks, but the song fits perfectly on the disc.  The vocals on this are one of my favorite of the ten tracks on this collection.  The guitars chug and move nicely in the mix and give the song a ebb and flow vibe that compliments the rest of the songs.  “Freedom” is another solid track that demonstrates that while the different components of the songs may be similar, the songs when constructed take on a their own life and feel.  The slower tempo of the song seems to add to the songs strength, rather than detract from it.  “Control” has a heavy rock vibe woven into it that take a back seat when the verse kicks in and makes way for what should be a big hit on modern rock radio.  The tempo of the track is great and allows the vocals and guitars to trade off and share the spotlight at times.  The bottom end anchors the track perfectly, giving the song room to run without running away from itself.  “Northern Town” opens with some percussion and guitars that give it a classic rock feel without sounding dated.  The vocals are heavy without being too heavy or too modern for the rest of the track.  The chorus has a cool vibe that draws you in and keeps you engaged.  Disc closer “Long Shot” is the lone track to clock in at over 4 minutes, but thanks to some great bottom end from the bass and drums, the song seems to chug along at a great tempo that translates to a song that doesn’t feel to long or played out.  The vocals add an edgier feel at the verse while the guitars give the chorus and bridge added punch.  Guess I need to see how these guys have developed and go dig up a copy of their previous releases.

Tracklisting: First Time – Aftermath – Die Knowing – Stowaway – Freedom – Reflection – Control – Under – Northern Town – Long Shot

Band Members: Daniel Carriere (Vocals/Guitars) – Sandy MacKinnon (Bass) – Quinn Cyrankiewicz (Guitar) – Calen Stuckel (Drums)






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