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REGURGITATOR access INTERNET optics with new video by Spod!

| 9 November 2018 | Reply

REGURGITATOR access INTERNET optics with new video by Spod!

REGURGITATOR have access to the net…

Get with the packet switching on this latest hypertexture from Regurgitator – the simpler, shorter, self-ordered, diverse, collaborative, confessional soundtrack for the disruptive adaptive message blocker. You will dance like a multiplex!

And speaking of dancing… the fast approaching AC/DC lane MMW performance in Melbourne at CIVIC SOUNDS on NOV 18 is coming up next week. Info below.

Quan says… “News just in… fibre-optic spirals will soon make the Internet 100 times faster than it is today. That means the only viable way for me to process the exponentially burgeoning cancer of shizzput will be to become a robot. The question is will I self-engineer quick enough to accommodate it or will my body become hopelessly beached and shrivel up on the lonely shoreline of society? Drink the Internet responsibly.”

Spod says… “I’m never too sure if I am on the internet, in the internet or am the internet but either way it’s an all consuming labyrinth of microvibes, brainpops, shining pools of distorted reflections and endless plains of desolate sadness. I shot this short doco of an ordinary day existing within the lonely confines of the internet for these top notch Aussie classics and I had a great time.”


featuring payload optics as made by SPOD!

Plus incoming for Melbourne on NOV 18…

CIVIC SOUNDS Laneway Party brings together a diverse line up featuring Regurgitator, Nai Palm, RVG, The Bennies, BEC SANDRIDGE and more on Sunday November 18th. Melbourne’s laneway culture is getting amped up and loud for one night only on Sunday 18 November as part of the Melbourne Music Week, when AC/DC Lane will play host to the first Civic Sounds laneway Party. Set in the heart of the city with Melbourne’s skyline as the backdrop, AC/DC Lane and on the Cherry Bar stage, the CBD is set come alive for the inaugural event for a memorable day and night with some of Australia’s most loved established and up and coming artists including Regurgitator, Nai Palm, RVG, The Bennies, BEC SANDRIDGE, IV League, Ro, BATZ, Destrends and DPRS – Democratic People’s Republic of Surf + DJs and food…

CIVIC SOUNDS Laneway Party 2018 – Sunday 18 November – ACDC Lane, Melbourne VIC

HYPERBIO spiel: REGURGITATOR formed in Brisbane by core members Quan Yeomans and Ben Ely, along with drummer Martin Lee, played their first show March 1994. Current drummer, Peter Kostic joined late ‘99. They have released numerous EPs and albums that they have recorded in dubiously idiosyncratic scenarios: Tu-Plang (1996) in the remote jungle outside Bangkok; the triple platinum selling Unit (1997) in a condemned Fortitude Valley warehouse as demolishers waited outside; …art (1999) in a sun soaked Byron Bay beach house lapping up the waves; Eduardo & Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks (2001) amidst the thick cigar smoke of (Gang of Four) Andy Gill’s London lounge-room; Mishmash (2004) in a glass box in Federation Square, Melbourne as part of the disturbing Band in a Bubble parody of reality shows; Love and Paranoia (2007) in a bullet riddled studio in Rio de Janeiro under the looming rock arms of Corcovado with a gang of Brazilian sound engineers; Superhappyfuntimesfriends (2011) in Ben’s old Melbourne shopfront; and (2013)’s Dirty Pop Fantasy in a Hong Kong skyscraper apartment; along with the more recent meta-virus HEADROXX (2018) they fabricated across the internet. In the past 24 plus years they have toured all over Australia, NZ, Japan, UK, Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East along with numerous festival inclusions including the Big Day Out, Clokenflap, Reading, Fuji Rock, Groovin’ the Moo, The Falls, Meredith etc. Always drawn to the odd they collaborated with dance choreographer Gavin Webber on the live music/dance project ‘Rock Show’; performed a self-written live soundtrack to Japanese film AKIRA at the Sydney Opera House; reproduced the debut Velvet Underground album inconjunction with a Chinese collaborator… among other weird trips down the light fantastic. Still touring and flooring it… more than ever they find themselves extending the vitality of their live performances, continuing to infuse them with exuberance, mania and their mashedup motion of rock, punk, electro, funk, pop, whereever it goes vbes.

Along came album #9 to drive you to the meta-brink – the augmentally named HEADROXX. Sliced, spiced and reintegrated in their domestic chop shops – Quan & Ben continue to record and mix their special take of audio mayhem to rebirth albums that reflect their engagement with the worlds around them. Fabricated on the deep dark metaworlds of the internet, augmented with certain time in reality recording together in Greg’s studio in Byron Bay. Mastered by Margaret Luthar at Chicago Mastering, and all wrapped up in the illustrative exuberance of Benjamin Adams ala Freak Street ( No time to sleep on this watch…

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