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| 5 September 2018 | 1 Reply

Label: Century Media Records

Release Date: July 6, 2018

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Lucifer caught my attention when they released their self-titled disc three years ago, and they are still on my radar thanks to this killer disc chock full of cool riffs, great vocals, and a solid bottom end!  Disc opener “California Son” comes right at you from first note and doesn’t let up in energy until the song comes to a screeching halt.  The riffs are great and  Johanna Sadonis’ vocals grab the wheel and steer us through song after song.  “Dreamer” starts off a bit slower with a heavier bottom end than the previous track, but the song has a contagious chorus that draws you in and keeps you listening to catch the solid rhythm section that benefits from great bass lines.  “Dancing With Mr. D” has a different feel and groove – almost like a heavier Eagles track, with cool riffs and solos that are swirled into the intro and quickly morphs into another great Lucifer track.  The layered vocals add punch and the chorus has an almost pop feel woven into it.  “Eyes In The Sky” is a heavier track that works perfectly in the middle of the disc.  The slowed pace and bottom heavy vibe is a great contrast to Johanna’s vocals and helps show off the song craftsmanship of the trio.  The bridge takes on a new life and adds depth to the track with an uptempo jam that features some of the best guitar work on the disc.  “Before The Sun” has a great sound and vibe that come together creating a balladesque vibe.  The vocals are heartfelt and the delivery matches teh musical accompaniment’s intensity.

“Phoenix” has a great groove that is enhanced by Sadonis’ vocals and a riff that chugs along while the bass and drums keep perfect time.  The vocals come off as haunting at times during the transition from verse to chorus, and be sure to pay attention to the guitar solos that fill in during the various bridges and spaces.  “Reaper On Your Heels” is a cool track that has a classic heavy feel swirled into the mix that helps drive the vocals and guitars and keeps things moving.  The drums and bass fill the gaps on this track and get the head banging without getting to heavy or droning.  This song helps tie some of the other songs together with its cohesive vibe.  “Aton” is one of my favorites on this disc thanks to the time changes and the way the guitars, play off of the rhythm section.  Nicke Andersson’s drums keep the track grounded without slowing it down.  This song also allows Robin Tindebrink to add his flourish to the record with a kick ass solo at the bridge.  Disc closer “Faux Pharaoh” brings to mind the classic heavy metal vibe with a very Sabbath-like riff that runs underneath Johanna’s vocals and merges carefully with the rhythm section through the verse and into a chorus that seems to run away from you without deviating from the path cut by the other tracks on the collection.  Between this collection and the debut from 2015, I cannot wait to see what Lucifer III brings – hopefully we won’t have to wait three years to find out.

Tracklisting: California Son – Dreamer – Phoenix – Dancing With Mr. D – Reaper On Your Heels – Eyes In The Sky – Before The Sun – Aton – Faux Pharaoh






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