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CD REVIEW: HONEYBOMBS – Wet Girls… and other funny tales

| 9 October 2017 | Reply

CD REVIEW: HONEYBOMBS – Wet Girls… and other funny tales
Sliptrick Records
April 2017
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
6 1/2 /10

It’s hard to know what to make of Honeybombs…

A quintet of young dudes from Italy who play some really good Euro metal, but seem to have had to resort to Google Translate their lyrics into English, they predominantly sing about graphic sex, porn babes, drinking and hating on people they don’t like – but then thank their wives and girlfriends in the liner notes.

Should we view this as a sleaze rock throwback? A B-grade Steel Panther? A bunch of young guys having fun, rocking out and not afraid to wave their cocks about, at least lyrically?

Fucked if I know…

But I have to confess, almost despite myself, that I quite like this album – despite it’s obvious offensiveness. Despite it’s obvious lack of political correctness. And maybe a little bit because of the often-bewildering English lyrics (“What the fuck/ This is the revolution of the losers/ The world has turned upside down/ Our charm is not up to the plenty of god/ Our magical breeze has no effect on the heavy weights” from Fat Girls Are Going Mad)

Sweet Little Dummy is a full-blown Hollywood-style power ballad… if the protagonist was a porn babe bangin’ fool in love with the wrong girl, and a cover of the Flashdance anthem Maniac is played bizarrely straight and, being so innofensive, sits very out of place at the end of this record.

That should be enough for you to know you’ll either love the gonzo ultra-retro humour here, or will consider it peurile, vulgar and offensive.

I’m sure Honeybombs will take it as a compliment, whichever decision you make.

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