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CD REVIEW: GREYWIND – Afterthoughts

| 17 February 2017 | Reply

Label: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: January 27, 2017

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Newcomers Greywind have dropped their debut release and for some damn reason I can’t stop spinning it in my office during the day.  Disc opener “Afterthoughts” starts off with a beautiful guitar line that is soon joined by vocals that seem to anchor the track instead of taking flight… until the chorus kicks in that is.  If this track is any indication, we are in for a cool ride.  “Forest Ablaze” is very similar to the opening track, but the songs mood and tempo are both throttled by guitar work from Paul O’Sullivan – one half of the sibling duo that are the foundation of this band.  The verse and chorus move seamlessly together keeping the song fluid from open to close.  “Safe Haven” is a left turn on the disc, with vocals from Steph O’Sullivan that draw you in, especially on the chorus.  The vibe of this track, while a bit mellower than others on the disc grabs your attention.  “Car Spin” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc and I find myself going back to it time and time again.  It has moments that take me back to the debut disc from Lennon, with a semi-industrial sound underneath a powerful emotionally-charged vocal.  If you listen to no other track, be sure to check this one out.  “Desolate” showcases Steph O’Sullivans vocals while giving the star treatment to the rhythm section with a thumping bass line and solid drumming in the bottom end of the track.

“Circle” welcomes the familiar sound of guitars and vocals that are the watermark on this disc, but somehow comes across with a different vibe.  Steph’s voice is delivered with a ghostly feel that adds depth to the song and lyrics.  This track shows off the ability of the paid to create a catchy tune without getting too poppy.  “The Lake” is a song that seems to drone on in the background, but comes to life at the chorus when the vocals come at you over top a chugging riff that gives the song its muted feel and sound.  “Stitch On My Wings” is a beautiful track that benefits from an enchanting verse that unfolds slowly and culminates in a beautiful lyric that is accompanied by a guitar sound that swirls in the background, accentuating the song at times and simply coming along for the ride at others.  “In Autumn” keeps the disc on the softer side with acoustic guitars coming together with the vocals on the opening and verse, setting the bar for the song from a sonic perspective.  Even as the song shifts from verse to chorus, the charm and vibe of the track remain steady and give us a different look and listen to the band.  Disc closer “Wander” seems to bring together the different sounds and feel of the disc, wrapping softer vocals and melodies in heavier chugging riffs.  The disc has peaks and valleys sonically and emotionally, which allows you to absorb the disc different each time you listen through it… maybe that’s exactly why I cannot stop spinning this disc – it seems different, yet consistent every time I start it up.

Tracklisting: Afterthoughts – Forest Ablaze – Circle – Safe Haven – The Lake – Car Spin – Stitch On My Wings – Desolate – In Autumn – Wander






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