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| 8 November 2016 | Reply


Label: Loud & Proud Records

Release Date: November 4, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I will be completely honest – I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new release from Rossington.  Spouses Gary (guitars) and Dale (vocals) Rossington pulled together some tunes and some friends and released their first new material in almost 30 years.  Opening track “Highway of Love” kicks off with a swampy riff that morphs into a cool blues-driven track that allows Dale’s vocals lead the way while Gary’s guitars work their magic throughout the track.  “I Should’ve Known” slows the tempo down a bit with a cool blues riff that shifts gears at times, but mostly remains slower track with cool vocals and a fun groove woven into it.  “Light A Candle” features Dale’s smoky vocals overtop a simple yet great musical accompaniment.  Listen for the guitar work to shine through at moments during the chorus and bridges.  “Shame On Me” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc from the opening riff / solo to the smoldering vocals.  The sound of this song builds from the first note through to the choruses and bridge, when the keyboards, organs, and guitars all come together, especially Gary’s soulful solo at the bridge.  “Through My Eyes” has a moodier feel to it that gives the disc a different vibe than most of the other songs on the collection.  This shows how adept the couple and their friends can tackle different material and make it work with other tracks.  “Too Many Rainy Days” features some cool riffs that are different than others on the disc, but fits within the parameters of the other songs.  The piano and organ contributions on this track add a cool vibe to the song that allows the guitars to shine at the various breaks and bridges.

Title track “Take It On Faith” is another cool track that allows the vocals to lead the charge through the verse and into the chorus, but gives the guitars and other players to shine at times – especially at the bridge, where Gary plays a killer solo.  This song features some of the best guitar work, as well as some of the best lyrics on the disc.  “Dance While You’re Cookin’” marries a blues feel with a Southern rock vibe and tosses tongue-in-cheek lyrics, creating the perfect recipe for a fun track that gets the foot tapping.  “Good Side of Good” is a cool rocker that marries the different sounds from the various tracks on this disc, but tosses in a cool Texas swagger that Dale’ handles perfectly with her vocals while Gary’s guitars add depth to the song, especially at the bridge.  “Something Fishy” is another song that has as much fun with the lyrics as Rossington has with the guitar parts.  The various riffs and solos are punchy and swirl perfectly with the bluesy feel of the band, especially the rhythm section that anchors this track and gets the foot tapping.  “Where Did Love Go” is a beautiful song that highlights Rossington’s acoustic side while giving Dale a palate on which to paint the story vocally.  This is a song built for the stage and should go over well, if ever performed live.  Closer “Two Very Different Things” has a funky groove that kicks the disc in the ass with cool percussion, full guitars, and vocals that create a wall of sound.  The chorus is catchy and features great solos from Gary.  Listen for the organ and rhythm section to shine on this track as well.  This song stands out from the opening note until the vocal and guitar duet at the fade.

Players: Jack Holder (guitar) – Richie Hayward (drums) – Bruce McCabe (piano, keyboards) – Delbert McClinton (harmonica) – Gary Nicholson (guitar) – David Smith (bass) – Reese Winans (organ) – Kenny Greenburg (guitar overdubs) – Michael Rojas (piano) – Gordon Mote (piano and B3 overdubs) – Shawn Camp (dobro) – Bekka Bramlett & Vicki Hampton (additional vocals)

Tracklisting: Highway of Love – I Should’ve Known – Take It On Faith – Light A Candle – Dance While You’re Cookin’ – Shame On Me – Good Side of Good – Through My Eyes – Something Fishy – Too Many Rainy Days – Where Did Love Go – Two Very Different Things




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