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Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: April 29, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Symphonic metal is one of my guilty pleasures and I was blown away back in 2011 when a disc titled The Quiet Resistance made its way into my regular rotation.  Fast forward a few years and Nemesea is back at it with their latest offering, Uprise.  Disc opener “Hear Me” delivers the solid rock groove the band has cultivated over their last couple releases, leaning more toward modern and alternative rock while still dipping their toes in the symphonic waters.  “Twilight” continues in the same vein, but Hendrik Jan de Jong’s guitars really bring this song to life.  The bass strums along and helps anchor the song underneath the lofty guitars and vocals, blending rock and ballad moods in one track.  “Let It Burn” opens with keyboards and the beautiful vocals of Manda Ophuis.  This ballad gives us a different look and listen to the band.  The tone of the track, while different, fits within the spectrum set up by the other songs, especially when the music comes to as crescendo at the chorus.  “Can’t Believe It” comes to life immediately thanks to a cool blend of guitars and vocals, but seems to gain strength from the bass of Sonny Onderwater that drones underneath the mix.  This song shows the ability of the band to deliver a cool rock track that brings the different sounds and genres together.  “Get Out” brings an almost pop sensibility to the table, with this keyboard driven track that allows the guitars to crunch and soar at the chorus underneath Ophuis’ wall of sound style vocals.

“Forever” is a keyboard driven track that allows Ophuis to carry the track with her emotionally charged vocals and delivery.  The guitars swirl at different points, accentuating the bass and adding an edge to the mood of the track.  “Time To Make It” brings charging riffs from Jan de Jong and a heavy bottom end from Onderwater’s bass.  This song, one of the standouts on the disc in my opinion, gets the head banging and the foot tapping on a track that is equal parts club, dance, and rock material.  “Light Up The Sky” showcases Manda’s beautiful voice on a charming ballad that allows the keyboards to take you away during the verse.  The songs strength is its simplicity and elevates near the end when the bass and guitars kick in adding punch, while the layered vocals add texture to the track.  “Bones” is a heavier track that features a sound that leans out of the symphonic world and into more of a prog vibe.  The vocals are a bit melancholy at the verse, gaining intensity at the chorus and helping mold the tracks melodic side.  Closer “Hold On” is a mellower track through the intro and verse, but gains steam during the chorus, where the vibe of the song shifts to rock and roll.  This outro is strong and makes you reach for the play button to kick this one off from the beginning for another listen through.

Tracklisting: Hear Me – Twilight – Forever – Let It Burn – Time To Make It – Can’t Believe It – Light Up The Sky – Get Out – Bones – Hold On






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