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CD REVIEW: BELLA D – The Crystal Ceiling

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Label: Independent

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Newcomer Bella D hit the ground running with her new release The Crystal Ceiling on Friday the 13th.  Packed with big riffs, killer drums, and a symphonic metal voice that stands up alongside most from the genre, this disc is a good listen.  Disc opener “Breaking Free” tears the landscape wide open with a killer guitar riff that soon becomes part of a chugging intro.  Once Bella drops her vocals into the mix, we are treated to a lofty symphonic vocal that offsets the heavy rock vibe of the track, creating a cool sound.  “End Of The World” starts off with a mellow piano interlude, but quickly morphs into another rocker that takes the middle road, dialing back the guitars and focusing more on Bella’s vocals and a mild keyboard swirl.  “My Fate Is Survival” leans heavier to the symphonic side, thanks to the layered vocals and orchestral arrangement from the keyboards.  Bella’s vocals are tight and get woven into the fabric of the songs melody.  Title track “The Crystal Ceiling” has a prog rock flavor to it that swirls with the symphonic texture of the vocals and the rock groove of the guitars.  This is one of the more diverse sounding tracks on the disc, but fits within the parameter of the other songs, especially at the end when it takes on a rock and roll vibe.  “Battle On” is another track that starts off slow and soft, but this time with a beautiful vocal that drapes the track while a piano and light guitar duet tangles in the background.  Once the chorus kicks in, so does the energy and depth of the track.  While not picking up in tempo, the intensity definitely gets dialed up.  Closer “Dio Solitario Della Notte” allows us to view the inside of Bella’s world from another angle, as this operatic track gives Bella’s vocals roam to soar, twist, and turn without having to fit within the mold of a rock track.

“Save Me” comes along and brings a cool mix of standard rock vibe and symphonic rock, accentuated by soaring vocals at the chorus, while the bridge takes on a heavier vibe leaning heavy on the drums and chugging riff.  “There’s No Room For You” is a rock track from first note to last, thanks to the great guitar work, pounding bass, and solid tempo provided by the drums.  The symphonic/ operatic tone in Bella’s voice turns into a kickass rock vocal that adds punch to the song.  “The Shattered Mirror” is a beautiful piece that benefits from a cool intro that slowly builds into a heavy rocker with a slowed tempo and thick bottom end.  The vocals add a lighter vibe to the mix and keep this song from turning into a darker track.  The layered vocal at the pre-chorus is rich and full.  “Danger Truly Dawns” is a cool twist on the symphonic sound from other tracks on this disc, thanks to a wall of sound feel on the verse, from the rich vocals to the heavy handed drums and cool keyboard sounds.  The guitars join in and help thicken the sound through the bridges and chorus.  “Invincible” brings back a piano/keyboard sound that leads the charge underneath the vocals, as well as killer drums from DRMAGDN, who is a major player and component of this collection.  The song has an anthemic feel that wraps the feel and attitude of the other songs into one awesome track that represents the singer and the collection.  This song alone prompts you to take the disc for one more spin.

Tracklisting: Breaking Free – End Of The World – Save Me – My Fate Is Survival – There’s No Room For You – The Crystal Ceiling – The Shattered Mirror – Battle On – Danger Truly Dawns – Invincible – Dio Solitario Della Notte






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