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| 18 March 2016 | Reply


Label: Warner Bros Records

Release Date: March 11, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I am always interested in hearing something new and out of my typical genres.  The latest to cross my path that falls outside my norm is the new release from Cardiknox.  Built more for the dance club than a headbanging festival, this disc drew me in and kept me mesmerized for 45 minutes and it has been in my constant rotation.  Disc opener “Earthquake” opens with a cool beat and keyboard-driven melody that wraps nicely around the vocals, builds a great foundation, and sets the bar for the rest of the tracks.  “Souvenirs” is more electronic than the opener, but just as contagious.  The groove of the track is fun and carries a chorus that gets stuck in your head and bounces around long after the song has ended.  “Doors” takes on a more melancholic vibe, from the lyrics and vocals to the more subdued beat of the music.  Even the music track underneath seems moodier and less ‘happy.’  “Into The Night” is a cool track that blends together a more subdued musical track with more percussion and a vocal that draws you in, especially when the chorus kicks in.  “Supermodel” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc, thanks to a heavy bottom end and a tempo that is infectious and makes your body want to move.  The lyrics are very tongue in cheek, but add to the tracks fun quotient.  “Your Love” is a slower track that gives you a few minutes to catch your breath and absorb what you have heard so far and prepare for the next couple tracks.  The vocals perfectly deliver the emotionally charged lyrics.

“Wild Child” is a great track that gets the foot tapping and the blood flowing.  With a great tempo and melody, the song comes right at your with vocals that remind me of so many great pop songs I grew up with in the 80’s.  The chorus is catchy and keeps the vibe of the song flowing.  “On My Way” is a simpler song than most of the tracks here, but it allows the vocals to really shine, especially on the stripped back verse.  The chorus is fun and adds a different vibe to the mix.  “Bloodlust” comes out of left-field with a different groove, but one that sits within the confines of the other songs on the disc.  The vocals at the chorus build a cool layered sound that grabs you attention and keeps you engaged.  “What Do I Do Now” is another ethereal track that swirls a mood-driven lyric with a more tempered dance groove.  This is a cool variation on the makeup of the other songs on the disc, blending the different sounds, vibes, and moods.  “Perfect Storm” is another track on the disc that takes me back to high school with a classic pop sound merged with a fun dance beat.  The songs infectious sound builds through the verse and into the chorus, delivering a fun track that stands out against some of the other songs on the collection.  Closer “Shadowboxing” opens slowly and softly, like a flower in early spring, but by time the verse hits, the wave of sound takes over and soon you are bombarded with a great vibe that perfectly winds this disc down, but leaves you wanting more and reaching to start the disc over for one more spin…

​​Tracklisting: Earthquake – Souvenirs – Wild Child – Doors – On My Way – Into The Night – Bloodlust – Supermodel – What Do I Do Now – Your Love – Perfect Storm – Shadowboxing






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