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| 9 February 2016 | Reply

Erotic Volcano Records
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Neptune Power Federation - Lucifers Universe

Where The Neptune Power Federation’s last album, 2012’s Mano Satano, was tongue-in-cheek OTT in the most gonzoid metal ways possible, this offering is a darker, more subtle beast… but no less amusing.

The soundtrack accompaniment to a graphic novel (available from which we sadly did not have a copy of to review, Lucifer’s Universe is a Hammer Horror-styled tale of witch-hunting and demonic possession set in 17th century England, with each song here corresponding to its namesake chapter in the book.

This collective of madcats with links to some of Australia’s heaviest and best bands have crafted a fine album that would not sound out of place on any best-of-1981 metal playlist if played with straight face, whilst the subject matter veers into the dark and depraved with a sly underlying perversion. It’s funny in the same way Venom was funny in 1981… nobody took that shit seriously, did they?

Musically TNPF are hell bent for leather, and have planted their flag firmly in the turn of the ‘70s/’80s decade and shades of Deep Purple, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Budgie, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue all shimmer in their reflection.

Witches Bitch is a catchy rocker that is part Thin Lizzy and part satanic ritual, Mind Voyager (Suites 1, 2 & 3) is a Sabbathy acid trip, Mothership a Status Quo boogie rocker as played by Motorhead, and the rest of the album fifty shades of all the above.

The band’s own biography declares Lucifer’s Universe, “a pan sensory journey into a labyrinthine dimension, previously chartered only by the band,” and that is certainly one way of soaking it all up. What it means for us sitting in our comfy chair listening to this CD is, we’re in for a thoroughly enjoyable hellride into their own gloriously over the top, psychotically dangerous, and probably highly illegal universe.

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