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| 27 October 2015 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music srl

Release Date: October 16, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Voodoo Hill have unleashed their latest (which happens to be their third) collection of great rock tracks that bring us back to a great time and sound in rock and roll, with solid tracks that give us big vocals and bigger riffs.  Disc opener “All That Remains” kicks things off on the right foot with some killer fret work and great melodic riffs that build through the intro and into the verse.  The lead vocals kick in and the song gains a cool vibe.  “The Well” opens with heavy percussion and riffs that soon wrap themselves around a bluesy vocal that only Glenn Hughes can deliver.  The smoky chugging riffs that traverse the background of the track keep this song moving along nicely.  “Underneath And Down Below” brings a different feel and vibe to the disc, with a moodier set of lyrics and vocals, as well as more chugging riffs and a full keyboard presence in the background to drive the drums and bass.  “Karma Go” brings the guitar talents of guitarist Dario Mollo to the forefront, although Hughes’ vocals cannot be discounted.  The chugging riffs, pings, and squeals add punch to the songs delivery.  “Eldorado” is one of the best tracks on the collection and gives Hughes and Mollo the room to run with their respective instruments and delivers the catchiest vocals on the disc, especially the anthemic chorus.  The riff builds from open to close and keeps the song on track.  “Sunflower” is a mellow rocker that has cool guitar work, soaring vocals, and a relaxed groove that keeps the song flowing without a hurried rock feel.

“Rattle Shake Bone” has a sexy rhythm and groove that is sure to get the head banging and the hips swinging.  The solo work throughout the track from Mollo accentuates the overall feel of the track without taking away from the heavy bottom end or the killer lead vocals that Hughes gives us on this rocker.  Title track “Waterfall” has a smooth guitar intro that demonstrates the guitarists abilities whether the amps are turned up (which comes after the first first) or seemingly unplugged altogether.  Hughes shines with emotionally charged vocals that shine beautifully on this song.  “Evil Thing” shows off the killer bass chops of Dario Patti, who also contributes keyboards to the disc.  The guitars are tight and help carry the vocals from chorus to verse, while the vocals add depth at points throughout the song.  “White Feather” is a cool track that has a different guitar sound than other tracks on the disc, but seems to fit within the boundaries of the disc.  The slower tempo of the track is solid and chunky and adds a different flavor to the other songs.  “Last Door” closes the disc with solid drumming and heavy handed bass, as well as blues chops blended with great solos that all help carry the vocals that drape this song in blues-laced rock courtesy of  Hughes.  Also contributing on this disc are drummers Ricardo Vruna and Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac and bassist Andrea Maiellano.

​​​​​Tracklisting: All That Remains – The Well – Rattle Shake Bone – Underneath And Down Below – Waterfall – Karma Go – Evil Thing – Eldorado – White Feather – Sunflower – Last Door






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