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| 28 July 2015 | Reply


Label: RCA Records

Release Date: July 31, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It’s very cool and exciting when a new band drops a debut release.  When that new band has sold millions of albums collectively, it can get interesting discovering what musical sounds are carryovers from the members collective previous efforts.  “Better Place” opens the door on the debut release from Saint Asonia, and it sets a killer pace and raises the bar instantly for the entire disc.  The vocals are powerful, the guitars full, and the rhythm section steady and strong.  “Blow Me Wide Open” continues the rock charge with a bass heavy intro that permeates the entire track. After the drums kick in, the vibe created by the rhythm section is enhanced by Adam Gontier’s vocals.  “Even Though I Say” starts off like a cool ballad and takes on an ethereal feel and sound once the vocals kick in.  Mike Mushok’s chugging riffs carry the tempo of the track and give the song a solid tone.  “King Of Nothing” is a heavier track that allows Corey Lowery to spread his bass playing wings and put his stamp on the song.  The vocals are heavy and well suited against the steady drums of Rich Beddoe and the guitar.  “Dying Slowly” is a mellow rock gem that had pieces of rocker and pieces of ballad swirled together to create a song that stands out against the other tracks without sounding unlike anything else here.  “Happy Tragedy” opens with a cool guitar sound that only gets stronger as the track carries on.  The vocals kick in and add depth to the sound while the bass and drums add punch and power to the songs groove, especially at the bridge and chorus.

Live My Life” is a great rocker that takes a bit of influence from the different bands these guys have been a part of, with different shades of modern rock woven into the track.  “Fairy Tale” comes charging at you and has different sounds and textures than other tracks on the disc.  The real star of this track is the killer guitar work of Mushok during the solo and bridge.  “Waste My Time” has a cool vibe that takes this track to a different place than most of the songs on this collection.  The vocals and guitars work together to set a tone that keeps the music as light as the drums keep the song anchored.  “Trying To Catch Up With The World” brings a lot of emotion to the lyrics that are translated well through the guitars and rhythm section.  The beauty of this song is the diverse sound, yet cohesive feel of the track.  Disc closer “Leaving Minnesota” is a mellow song that allows the vocals and guitars to work in tandem to bring a cool vibe to the end of the collection.  The songs strength is its individual components mixed together to create a solid rocker that lies off the heavy and relies on the song structure and lyrics.

Tracklisting: Better Place – Blow Me Wide Open – Live My Life – Even Though I Say – Fairy Tale – King Of Nothing – Waste My Time – Dying Slowly – Trying To Catch Up With The World – Happy Tragedy – Leaving Minnesota





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