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Label: NASH Icon Records

Release Date: April 14, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

How appropriate that the first release on NASH Icon records is indeed country legend and icon Reba McEntire.  Kicking this disc off in killer fashion, Reba’s latest single “Going Out Like That” is a fun track that gives the girl the last laugh in a relationship gone wrong.  The music and tempo are upbeat and fun, setting the stage for this collection.  “Enough” is another relationship track that reflects on both sides of the “other woman” coin.  This song features a great pairing of strong and emotive vocals from McEntire and Jennifer Nettles.  “Livin’ Ain’t Killed Me Yet” turns the fun and attitude back up to 10 with a cool mellow rocker disguised as a country track by the guitars and twang in Reba’s delivery.  “I’ll Go On” is a mellow track that demonstrates Reba’s ability to swirl a classic country sound with a newer sound and feel, giving this track a cool vibe.  “Promise Me Love” is a fun track that simply allows Reba to do what she does best – sing from the heart.  Songs like this are the reason she has become the living legend she is.  Title track “Love Somebody” opens with a verse featuring McEntire’s vocals and a gentle musical piece and cranks everything up at the chorus and bridge.  The power and love in Reba’s vocals are only matched by the strength of the guitar solo.

“She Got Drunk Last Night” has all of the charm and nuance of Reba’s collection of hits, while keeping the mood a bit tamed and gentle. The country roots are exposed on this track, co-written by one of the newest up-n-comers Brandy clark.  Reba knows how to shop around fro tracks that fit her style and vocal strengths.  “That’s When I Knew” starts like a great ballad that reflects on the end of loneliness and the start of a new love… and soon morphs into a fun track that plays off of the lyrical content.  The lyrics are perfectly delivered by McEntire and the musical accompaniment add to the depth of the track.  “Until They Don’t Love You” opens with attitude and swagger and doesn’t look back.  The song’s message is enhanced by the tempo and vocals, especially the layered background vocals that mix with the lead.  The chugging guitar adds to the songs impact.  “Just Like Them Horses” is more adult contemporary swirled with steel guitars and country flavor to create a musical background for Reba’s lush vocals.  “Love Land” is a cool piece that lends itself to the ability of Reba to make charaters and stories to come to life through her voice.  Disc closer “Pray For Peace” is the lone track on the collection written by Reba.  This song was first offered as a free download almost a year before the disc was released.  This killer track is, according to McEntire, “It’s an act of perseverance, prayer, hope, fellowship and mostly love.”  What it is, is a fitting end to a great disc from a great performer.

Tracklisting: Going Out Like That – Enough – She Got Drunk Last Night – Livin’ Ain’t Killed Me Yet – That’s When I Knew – I’ll Go On – Until They Don’t Love You – Promise Me Love – Just Like Them Horses – Love Somebody – Love Land – Pray For Peace





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