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Label: Pavement Entertainment

Release Date: June 2, 2015

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

New radio rockers are popping up left and right, but new comers Oblivious Signal offer great rock with powerful female vocals that combine for a killer sound.  “Retribution” opens the disc with crunching guitars and heavy drums before the vocals hit and add a lighter touch to the track, but don’t mistake this for pop metal.  “Home” keeps the tempo and intensity fo the first track intact, while pushing the vocals slightly more to the rock side.  The guitars get heavy, yet maintain a melodic feel at the bridge.  “Decode” opens with a heavy drum and bass line that supports the track from open to close.  Lead singer Christina T brings her “A” game on the , actually mixing different singing styles and showing different sides of her talent.  “Medicine” brings more of the familiar sounds and tempo from other tracks on the disc, mixing Nick Orsino’s guitars with the steady rhythm section on the chorus and bridge.  “Madeline” has a cool vibe that is accentuated by the drums, courtesy of Jason Tally.  The vocals seem to soar on this track, transitioning from verse to chorus and back again without losing a crisp sound.  “Archetype” opens with a different sound than any other track on the disc and maintains the vibe throughout the track, never straying from the opening groove.

“Push Me Away” brings the guitars up front in the mix and allows Christina’s vocals to swirl in the mix with the Orsino’s guitars, while the rhythm section anchors the track with killer cadence and tempo control.  “Crash” opens with a mellow guitar part that slowly combines with the other parts and vocals, all the while maintaining a toned down rock feel, morphing into a solid rocker.  “Again” kicks off with a heavy intro that is highlighted by the bass lines from Greg Andrews.  This track has a ferocious bottom end that is lifted by the lead vocals and paced by the furious drumming.  “Stay” features chugging riffs and steady drums, making this the most sonically consistent track on the disc, especially when the guitar and vocals get mixed into the rhythm section at the chrous and verse.  Disc closer “FYW” is a cool rock track that shows different sides of the each of the players in the band, but also in the lyrics.  This is the first track that lends itself to a parental advisory, but the attitude of the lyrics are matched by the musical accompaniment and the throaty background vocals on the chorus.

Tracklisting: Retribution – Home – Push Me Away – Decode – Crash – Medicine – Again – Madeline – Stay – Archetype – FYW





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