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| 4 April 2015 | Reply


Label: Compulsions Records

Release Date: April 14, 2015

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

HOLY SHIT – dirty, sexy, funky, and fun rock ‘n’ roll is back and it is in the form of the latest disc from The Compulsions.  Kicking of the fun is the killer track “Hellbound Babies” and it is smoking hot from the wailing guitars and harmonica to the big chorus and rocking tempo.  The song has everything you need to get the blood flowing and a party started.  “Silly Little Woman” is next and gives you a short breather – not from great songs, but from the hectic pace of the opening track.  The guitar work on this track is the real star of this one, although it rides nicely in the background.  First single “Lucky” gives us a feel good rock track without too much attitude or grit – this one is solid rock that should please any true rocker.  “Long Tall Sally” ain’t your momma’s version of the Little Richard classic.  This moody, slowed WAY down rocker shows the bands ability to take something familiar, twist and punk it up, and make it as fun as the original without cloning it.  “I Still Got The Hots For You, Baby” is a feel good track that doesn’t take itself too serious and delivers punch and power in under two minutes.  Imagine great rock thrown into a blender with a fun punk groove and a little rock-a-billy tossed in for seasoning… this is the fun result, especially the great fretwork from Richard Fortus!

“Evil Bastards” brings the rock quotient back up, with a great tempo and rhythm to the verse that only gets grander as the song makes its way into a killer bridge between verses and chorus.  The soul in the music kicks and shakes this disc to new ground with a classic gritty feel.  “House Of Rock” comes along and delivers a punch to the gut with its heavy bottom end and solid beat thanks to a rhythm section that anchors this track.  Rob Carlyle’s vocals add depth to the songs vibe.  The most ethereal track on the disc is “The Feel.”  This one takes a couple listens to grab you, but once it gets in your brain, you find yourself chanting the mantra of the track over and over, without thinking.  The dark and dirty feel of this track are but a short rest from the killer tempo of the track that surround it.  Two of my favorite tracks close the disc out – “Stay Eazy” and “Buzz Awile.”  If you don’t know who The Rolling Stones are, check out “Stay Eazy” and get a taste of the influence they had on Carlyle and company.  The killer groove of this track, along with some of the best guitar licks on the disc, make this one of the best lower tempo songs here.  Closer “Buzz Awhile” is an instrumental of phenomenal proportions.  The bottom end, courtesy of drummer Frank “Thunderchucker” Ferrer and bassist Sami Yaffa, give this a funky groove that doesn’t let up, even when the guitars try to take over with fun riffs and fills.  Trust me, the chorus from “The Feel” runs through your head when describing Dirty Fun and The Compulsions… ‘They were the coolest band in the world’… and hopefully will be for a long time!




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