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| 21 March 2015 | Reply


Label: District 7 Records

Release Date: February 20, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

If you follow a lot of my CD reviews you will know I periodically mention a friend that seems to have his finger on the pulse of what gets under my skin musically.  Striking once again, my pal turned me on to the latest release from Patrick Sieben.  “No Apology” kicks off with a cool vocals and piano duet, but quickly morphs into a great song with full musical accompaniment.  The vocals draw you in and don’t let go until you realize the track is over and you find yourself wanting to start the disc over, but also wanting to hear what comes next.  “Weekend Ride” is a great track that features a funky groove underneath the cool vocals and fun lyrics.  The vibe of this track is infectious.  “End Of The World” has a great tempo and beat that lies beneath the poppy sound of the vocals and instrumentation.  The guitar work and keyboards keep the song light.  “Hollow” brings more of the same great rock feel to the disc, but with a bit of a twist, as the chorus is a bit heavier than the verse and bridge.  The contrast fits the songs well.  “Live To Live” has a different feel to it, but it fits within the groove of the other tracks on the disc.

“B-Side Track” is a really good rock track that pokes a little fun at a certain pop songwriter.  The vocals are earthy and full, but seem to come to life at the chorus and bridge.  “Broken” starts off a bit slow, almost melancholy.  Once the verse kicks in, you strap in for one hell of a story, as told through the lyrics and emotionally charged vocals.  Whether rocking or playing storyteller, Patrick’s vocals keep you engaged.  “Sunshine” is a great track that starts off with great acoustic guitar work set against the vocals and some mellow percussion, but soon shifts to a feel good track that should get a lot of lighters in the air and hands swaying from side to side in a live scenario.  “Bella Luna” has a cool 80’s pop sensibility to it that merges with the sound and feel of the other tracks Sieben offers on this disc and the concoction really works.  The great tempo of the track, along with the solid rhythm section gets the foot tapping and turns this into one of the better tracks on the disc.  Disc closer “Letter In The Sky” gives us a guitar sound that stands out amongst the other tracks on the disc, but it works.  The cool guitar and vocals duet on this track is a different, yet effective way to end the disc.  Once again Steve, you nailed it… I cannot wait to hear what you have next for me!





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