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CD REVIEW: ENUFF Z ‘NUFF – Covered In Gold

| 19 September 2014 | Reply

CD REVIEW: ENUFF Z ‘NUFF  – Covered In Gold
Deadline Music
September 2014
Reviewed by Shane Pinegar

Enuff Z'Nuff - Covered In Gold cover

When word came down the rock n’ roll grapevine that cult stalwarts Enuff Z’Nuff were recording an album of cover versions to celebrate their 30th anniversary, I’ll wager 100% Rock weren’t the only ones looking for someone to take a $ 100 wager that The Beatles would be featured, such is Chip and Donnie’s infatuation with the Fab Four!

So, quelle surprise – we have two Beatles tracks plus one solo Lennon number getting a guernsey, plus one by Cheap Trick – which also would have been a safe bet to back.

Cheap Trick’s Everything Works If You Let It is a cracking upbeat start to the record, while Run For Your Life is a welcome deeper cut from The Beatles. Bowie’s Jean Genie is another pretty obvious choice that works well without straying too far from the original.

Both The Trick and The Beatles (and Bowie) have informed the Z’nuff ethos from day one, though, so where things really get interesting is where the band go more off-piste.

For starters, it’s fantastic to see a ‘hair’ band acknowledging great songwriting from a grunge band – in this case, the one which many (erroneously) attribute the end of hard rock to: Nirvana. In these glammy hands All Apologies undergoes a transformation and should open a few eyes.

I can’t recall ever hearing a cover of David Lee Roth’s Yankee Rose – probably because no-one’s gonna better the original. EZ give it a good nudge, and good on ’em for trying, but there’s shinier gold elsewhere here.

Billy Squier’s The Stroke is a playful romp, while they positively love camping up the Greatest American Hero theme song, Believe It Or Not.

Prince’s When Doves Cry is rocked up but loses some of the emotion of the song in the process, while Lennon’s Jealous Guy is treated as tenderly as could be – and EZ can wring the emotion out of a song when they put their mind to it.

Another surprise is The Cult’s goth classic She Sells Sanctuary, again read petty straight but they still manage to turn it on its head with their inimitable style. Tears Of A Clown by Smokey Robinson is another great rocking take on another great track, that they really make their own.

Covered In Gold really is EZ at their best, performing with their trademark individual style and showing great respect for an interesting collection of diverse and wonderful songs. On the strength of this, bring on a new original album!

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