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Label: MIRAL Records / BDG / RED

Release Date: May 13, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It was a pleasure getting to know The Raskins music as a prelude to an interview, but really digging is was fun too.  Disc opener “We Had It All” is a straight ahead rocker that gives the listener the best preview of the next 47 minutes.  The vocals and guitar, supplied by the Raskin twins, Logan and Roger, are full and carry the track, if not the entire disc.  “We Need Another Hero” sounds similar to the opening track, but features more guitar and also allows the rest of the band, especially the drummer, to spread their wings a bit.  “Open Our Eyes” and “Where Do We Go From Here” feature acoustic guitars and more harmony vocals which give the tracks a different feel than other tracks, but it really works within the scope of this disc, especially on the former.  “On The Radio” opens with a cool guitar riff and then morphs into a rock-pop radio hit.  The vocals and anthemic style chorus give this a lighter feeling, but it doesn’t detract from the track or disc.  “Find My Way Home” has some great pounding drums and a pulsating bass line that both help anchor the track, just as they have done for the majority of the disc.

“Lost In The Dark” has a slightly different feel compared to some of the other tracks, but I think it is more of a guitar sound than anything.  The song has all of the same makings as other tracks on the disc, including a charging chorus.  “Scream Out Loud” is an uptempo rocker that has the same harmonized vocals and gives the guitars a spotlight during the solo (one of the best on the disc) and bridge.  “Save Me Now” is a guitar driven track that keeps the attitude dialed up and the energy at prime levels.  This track, along with “Scream Out Loud,” should translate well live.  “We Keep Fighting” has a cool intro that shows a bit of the guys influences, but once the track launches into the vocals, the song construction really shines, especially with chorus with its layered vocals.  “Stand Up is more guitar driven rock, but it has a different flair and groove from the guitars.  The song is fun and full of energy that grows from the first note and peaks at the chorus, only to begin rebuilding again with the next verse.  “Reach” closes the disc on an acoustic note that seems a huge contrast from the open, but it nicely bookends this disc.  These guys are on the road – do yourself a favor and go hear these tracks live.

Category: CD Reviews

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