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127 CULT films you should see!

| 13 June 2014 | Reply

What constitutes a “CULT” movie?

Cult Films collage

For the purposes of this list, let’s say it is a movie which was probably produced independently, or by a minor studio. Or by a larger studio but somehow it missed the audience it deserved.

Sometimes it has alternative subject matter and/or a low budget. It has to be remembered – usually not by the mainstream. It’s almost always influential in one way or another.

I also haven’t gone for the recent glut of Sharknado/ghost Shark/etc films – not because they don’t deserve a mention, but they’re very recent, and a true cult film needs time to develop it’s aura of mystique, wonder and influence.

Here are 124 cult movies which are much beloved but aren’t all huge hits (though some of them were). They cross a myriad of genres, and are from a handful of different decades. Some you’ll find in your local DVD/video store, but more, you probably won’t.

Seek ‘em out, though – there is much to be learnt!

A Clockwork Orange
Almost Famous
Army Of Darkness
Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
Back To School
Bad Taste
Being John Malcovich
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Blade Runner
Blue Velvet
Boondock Saints
Breakfast Club
Bright Lights Big City
Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia
Das Boot
Dawn Of The Dead
Dazed and Confused
Dead Man
Dead Snow
Death Race 2000
Debbie Does Dallas
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Dog Soldiers
Donnie Darko
Easy Rider
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Fight Club
Final Rinse
Flash Gordon
Flesh & Blood
Fright Night
Fritz The Cat
From Dusk Til Dawn
Gross Point Blank
Heavenly Creatures
Heavy Metal
Hedwig & The Angry Inch
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Iron Sky
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Kill Bill 1/2
Kiss Me Deadly
Le Grande Blue
Little Shop Of Horrors
Lost Boys
Mad Max (The Road Warrior)
Meet The Feebles
Mommie Dearest
Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Napolean Dynamite
Nazis At The Centre Of The Earth
Night At The Roxbury
Night Of The Living Dead
Office Space
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Point Break
Pretty In Pink
Pulp Fiction
Raising Arizona
Rebel without a cause
Repo Man
Reservoir Dogs
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Run Lola Run
Sexy Beast
Shaun Of The Dead
So I Married An Axe Murderer
St Elmo’s Fire
Surf Nazis Must Die
Tank Girl
Team America
The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane
The Big Lebowski
The Blues Brothers
The Boondock Saints
The Breakfast Club
The Evil Dead
The Fifth Element
The Full Monty
The Goonies
The Harder They Come
The Hitcher
The Kentucky Fried Movie
The Man Who Fell To Earth
The Meaning Of Life
The Princess Bride
The Story Of Anvil
The Toxic Avenger
The Wicker Man
The Wild One
This Is Spinal Tap
Twelve Monkeys
Vampire’s Kiss
Vampyros Lesbos
Velvet Goldmine
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Withnail & I
Young Guns

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