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CD Review: EDGUY – Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown

| 13 May 2014 | 1 Reply

CD Review: EDGUY – Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown
Nuclear Blast
April 2014
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of the Crown cover

Edguy’s tenth studio platter opens with the old school sonic boom of Sabre & Torch, a song heavy enough to fit comfortably on the forthcoming album from fellow Germans Accept – but this epic sturm und drang is only one side of the band’s personality.

The joint title cuts are next – the former satirising our over-regulated society, the latter going full-power metal with a swords & sandals epic of much force.

Love Tyger, however, sees singer Tobi Sammet’s tongue firmly in cheek for a foray into hard rock – more Whitesnake than Manowar. It may be cheeky, but it’s far from a pisstake – Sammet’s too intelligent for that. In his hands it just seems like a normal progression from the opening tracks to Tyger and then onwards to the more traditional metal of The Realms Of Baba Yaga.

If there’s a reason Edguy arem’t headlining arenas it’s that they’re viewed as too much of a challenge by some – too cerebral, too eclectic, too willing to take a chance and have some fun with their metal rather than play by the rules and be easily pigeonholed.

It’s patently ridiculous for any rock or metal fan to be too narrow-minded to cope with a genuinely interesting and original band, and the band obviously don’t care either – as evidenced by the completely left of centre cover of the late Austrian hit machine Falco’s wildly OTT Rock Me Amadeus. It’s bonkers – and you can’t imagine anyone but Edguy pulling it off.

Love Me Like A Caveman is another fun romp, before the considerably more metal Shadow Eaters takes the listener on a completely different journey.

Alone In myself is heavy, whilst retaining a strong sense of being a hidden 80’s rock ballad, laden with synths and the drums rendered with an almost-electronic edge. Does that mean it’s non metal? Pop, even? Who cares – it’s Edguy doing what they do, and a lovely touching number to lead us into the none-more-epic The Eternal Wayfarer. The most exotic song on board, this track is a fantastically overblown eight and three quarter minute finale to Edguy’s tenth and possibly best album.


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