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CD REVIEW: SILENT FORCE – Rising From The Ashes

| 21 January 2014 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: January 21, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The resurgence in guitar driven melodic rock has been not only a long time coming, but has allowed bands to really shine in 2014.  “Caught In Their Wicked Game” kicks off one of the better melodic rock discs I have heard in a while.  The guitars are smoking with big  chugging riffs soaring runs.  The vocals are huge and keep this track moving nicely, between the lead and nicely layered background vocals.  Other tracks keep this recipe intact, while adding some cool keyboard fills and melodic pieces, like “There Ain’t No Justice” and  “You Gotta Kick It.”  The vocals on the former really allow the range to shine through, while the vocals on the latter are more anthemic and seem destined for a live audience.  “Circle Of Trust” is a solid track that instantly grabs my attention and gets my foot tapping.  The guitars and vocals lead the charge, but the rhythm section and keyboards  really keep this train from jumping the tracks.  This is one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  Another driving track that gets the foot tapping is “Born To Be A Fighter.”  The driving bass and percussion give this song a heavy bottom end, adding to the cool keyboard work.  The same can be said for disc closer “Kiss Of Death.”  This driving track often prompts me to restart the disc and listen through one more time.

“Living To Die” keeps all of the traits from the other tracks alive on this disc, while seeming to focus more on the vocals, especially the layered background vocals that drive the choruses, whereas the drumming really steers “Before You Run” in a different direction during the musical interludes.  The guitars and keyboards play nice with each other, but the underlying skin pounding really drive the track.  The organ sound of the keyboards really differentiate “Turn Me Loose” from other tracks on the disc.  This song gives the disc depth and allows the band to keep the feel of the disc similar while slightly changing the style of the music.  “Anytime Anywhere” is another great track that seems to grab your attention while being a little more tame with the solos and fills.  The chorus is huge and seems to come to life with the cool background vocals that jump through the speakers.

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