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CD Review: THESE HEARTS – Yours To Take

| 12 August 2013 | Reply

Label: Victory Records

Release Date: July 9, 2013

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by: Mike Hubbard

These Hearts - Yours To Take CD

I really wanted to like “Yours To Take”, the second studio full length release from These Hearts. They are a Christian band, and as a Christian myself I always like finding new Christian bands. They are from North Dakota. How cool would it be to have a good hardcore band from North Dakota! They have two strong guest vocalists on the album, Bert Poncet from France’s Chunk, No Captain Chunk, and Mattie Montgomery from For Today. As much as I wanted to like this album, it just did not fully click for me. One of the current trends in alternative music is to blend genres. These Hearts follow that trend by blending pop-punk and hardcore, often referred to as popcore. Victory label-mates A Day To Remember pioneered (and dare I say perfected) this blend, and These Hearts take it further by making their pop-punk elements poppier and their hardcore elements harder. Musically, they do a great job with both genres. They fall short by blending the genres in a fairly formulaic manner. I also found the lyrics to be very simple, and frankly immature. They may resonate well with a younger, largely female audience, but they don’t have the depth to reach a larger audience. At least not yet.

Yours To Take starts out strong. The first track is “This Is Love”, featuring the aforementioned Bert Poncet, from up and coming band Chunk, No Captain Chunk. The song hits you hard from the start, with Bert’s in your face vocals, and leads into a classic pop-punk sing-along chorus. “This Is Love” proves that These Hearts know how to make a popcore song. Too bad they made this into musical pattern that they followed for most of the rest of the album, to the point that it got old, fast. There are a couple of other songs worthy of note. The third track, “Psycho”, is pure pop-punk, and they pull it off well. This song has the making of a classic pop-punk anthem, if the lyrics were a bit stronger. “Undecided Story” and “LOTR” are two other tracks that are pure pop-punk, and these three songs together makes me wonder if These Hearts might be more successful if they concentrated their efforts on this single genre. Another track that stands out is “War”, which features For Today’s front man Mattie Montgomery. Montgomery’s influence on the song is evident from the start; this is the heaviest number of the album by far, although in keeping with the band’s standard formula “War” includes their obligatory pop-punk chorus.

These Hearts show some promise with “Yours To Take”. Their squeaky clean image, bouncy pop-punk choruses, and touch of hardcore will serve as a good introduction to alternative music for a younger crowd. However, until they add some depth and maturity to their lyrics, and some creativity to their musical arrangements, they will likely not be able to breakthrough into a broader audience.

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