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Ash, Live in Perth – 27 August 2013

| 31 August 2013 | Reply

with Love Junkies and The Emperors
The Rosemount Hotel, Perth, Western Australia
Tuesday 27th August 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
Photography by Maree King

Ash’s 1996 album 1977 (yeah, it’s like that) touched hearts the world over with it’s raunchy, wall of guitars pop, and took the Irish teens round the world and back. Almost 20 years on they’ve never equalled 1977 as an album despite some close tries, and tonight’s sell-out is testament to its endurance.


100% ROCK MAG caught the tail end of The Love Junkies fiery jam-kicking opening slot, before The Emperors show off a rawer set of spiky pop rock than we’ve seen from them in the past. Still Coming Back For More and Leash especially reinforce their connection to tonight’s headliners, which is, as bassist Zoe Worrell-James states excitedly from the stage, “we wouldn’t exist as a band if Ash didn’t exist as a band.”

This is Ash’s 1977 tour and that’s what they deliver – the whole kit n’ caboodle consecutively from start to finish, in all its glory.

Tim Wheeler, Flying V almost permanently lashed to his less boyish but still youthful frame, peels off relentless riffs and solos whilst still singing perfect power pop melodies in quick succession, while Rick McMurray pounds his kit brutally and Mark Hamilton thrusts his four string in every direction.

Girl From Mars, Goldfinger, Kung Fu, Oh Yeah, Angel Interceptor and more helped make 1977 a quintessential boiling over of adolescent lust, and helped keep it so popular as those adolescents (both in the band and at front of stages around the world) became adults.

Did someone say powerpop? Oh yeah, turbo powered and metal charged pop is what Ash do best, and let’s not forget the raw punk intensity of the Ramones-meets-Teenage Fanclub Kung Fu, complete with a chantalong.

A handful of songs from their more recent career make up the encore, with Shining Light and Burn Baby Burn especially titillating the exhausted crowd after ninety minutes of irresistible rock n’ roll.

Not bad for an album written, according to Wheeler, “by three fuckwits a long time ago.”

Support bands Emporers and Love Junkies:

Lose Control
Girl From Mars
I’d Give You Anything
Gone The Dream
Kung Fu
Oh Yeah
Let It Flow
Innocent Smile
Angel Interceptor
Lost In You
Darkside Lightside
Jack Names The Planets
A Life Less Ordinary

Shining Light
Return Of White Rabbit
Burn Baby Burn


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