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Interview – Reverend Horton Heat – May 2013

| 7 June 2013 | Reply

The Reverend Irreverent.

By Domino.

Reverend Horton Heat

Two flights, eighteen hours and three cities – despite the fact that it’s yesterday in Dallas, Reverend Horton Heat is Down Under, and says he’s feeling pretty good.

“It’s a full day of travelling, so my hours are pretty messed up right now,” said the Reverend.

“No, actually, my hours are ok really.

“In the States, I stay up so late during gigs, that when I get down here, I’m actually getting up at 6am, like a proper person.”

For a man who claims to play 200 shows a year, rising at 6am would certainly be something of a novelty.  Meanwhile, the rest of us ordinary folk know the truth, – getting up that early is overrated, especially at this time of year.

The irreverent musician with a godly name is currently touring Australia, playing dates on the east coast, before flying west for a single show in Perth, then heading back east to round off the tour.

Which sounds like a lot of effort, but the Reverend is good to his flock.

“It’s pretty far to go for one gig, and it’s sure great that we’re able to do it.

“Perth has a great scene, so it’s good.”

While the Reverend Horton Heat and his band were in Perth not so long ago, fans will know that it has been a while between albums, with the last studio release Laughing & Crying with the Reverend Horton Heat, coming out back in 2009.  But the Reverend says fans should keep the faith, because there has been a lot going on.

“We’ve got a new record deal with Victory, and it’s one of the best we’ve had in years,” said the Reverend.

“Victory is the biggest independent label in the US right now.”

“So we’re going to be recording a lot”

All going to plan, his holiness hopes to release a new album by Christmas, though he says he can’t be sure, given the recording industry’s notorious lead time between delivery and release.

“It drives me crazy,” said the Reverend.

“You know in the old days, one of my heroes, Jerry Lee Lewis, recorded two songs in the afternoon and it was on the radio that night.

“They were selling records two days later.”

“They didn’t mess around at all, that’s the way to do it,”

“I’d like to see that come back.”

Perth psychobilly fans caught the Reverend Horton Heat when he came back to Perth last week, with his band, which saw the return of long time drummer Scott Churilla.

“Paul Simmons had to quit the band, due to family issues,” said the Reverend.

“We were on tour at the time.

“We cancelled one show, got Scott back and finished the tour.”

That right there is a lesson, a sermon if you will, on the benefits of keeping bridges unburnt, remaining gracious on the way to the top and remaining professional at all times.

The show must go on.


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