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Scott Ian/Chris Jericho spoken word show, Melbourne – 27 Feb 2013

| 23 April 2013 | Reply

Live at The Toff, Melbourne
By Shayne McGowan

Scott Ian & Chris Jericho 2013

It is safe to say that I had no idea what to expect from this show. Scott Ian is the guitarist for metal masters Anthrax, and Jericho is best known as the tight wearing WWE wrestler, or frontman for Fozzy, so why are they doing a spoken word show…?

Well, the simple answer is because they can!

With both Anthrax and Fozzy in Australia for the Soundwave festival, this spoken word show was somewhat of a “sidewave” I guess. And I must say, after the initial organisational issues, it was highly entertaining.

I won’t go in to the issues. Occasionally these things can’t be helped, and although the crowd began to get a little rowdy, they calmed down when the show started, and all was well.

Scott Ian took to the stage first, opening by reading an excerpt from the Anthony Kiedis biography “Scar Tissue”. It was a paragraph about Kiedis shooting heroin, and it was Scott’s way of starting the night with a joke. When the crowd was sucked in to believing Scott was admitting some secret past as a heroin addict, he stopped and let everyone in on the joke with “this has nothing to do with me, I’m just reading from Anthony Kiedis’s biography”.

As you might have guessed, Scott Ian has a massive amount of stories from his career with Anthrax, his friendship with Dimebag, and getting to hang out with his heroes through the years, most notably Lemmy. The highlight was bar far his Dimebag story. It’s way too long to repeat here, but it involves Dimebag, Dave Williams and “Sebastian Bach” in Texas, calling Scott Ian in New York, over and over again.

Chris Jericho hits the stage to his WWE countdown entrance, complete with theme song and flashing jacket. The majority of this crowd seem to be here to see him, and why not, he is a fantastic entertainer. Chris speaks about his wrestling career, being a teenage metal fan who stalks his idols, and his times with Fozzy. Jericho is far more than “just a wrestler” for anybody wondering.

Simply check out Fozzy’s latest album “Sin and Bones” if you don’t believe me!

To finish the night off, Jericho is joined by Scott Ian, and the two of them tell the tale of the night they were on Eddie Trunks radio show with Sebastian Bach, only to have Axl Rose turn up and join them.

Overall, this was a very entertaining show, and I am glad that I attended. The fact that Duff McKagan was in the crowd, and I got to meet him, only sweetened the deal!


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