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TURBONEGRO – Sexual Harrassment

| 5 January 2013 | Reply

Label: Universal (Scandinavia), Volcom (Europe)
Released: June 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Turbonegro Sexual Harrassment CD

Turbonegro should already be your favourite band of degenerate, ex-con Scandopunk nihilists – but if they’re not, then Sexual Harrassment will absolutely see them assume that lofty title.
Harnessing the energy of The Pistols and The Ramones, chaining it to a generator made from Motorhead’s discarded tour bus parts and shot full of amphetamines, bad junk and bath tub tequila made from fermented diesel and cactus, the Turbonegro engine room is a devastating thing to stand close to.

New singer Tony Sylvester (vocalist # four, album # eight for the Norwegian freaks) – apparently a keen fan and involved somehow in the band’s fan club machine – does an admirable job filling Hank von Helvete’s shoes after his departure to a “cleaner lifestyle”.

There is abundant psychosis on both opener I Got A Knife – scarily anthropomorphising the narrator’s weapon – and the hilariously sinister Dude Without A Face (“Look over there – there’s a guy in a hat / Are you scared?  All I said was a guy in a hat” and “From the Himalayas to the Dolomites / From the trilobites to the sodomites”.)

TNA (The Nihilistic Army) again shows the sense of humour of these truly fucked up, too-smart-for-their-own-good reprobates:  “Why don’t you buy one of those self-help books? / I can’t read! / Why don’t you just go and slash your wrists? / I don’t bleed!”

As if all this isn’t enough to slide them to the top of the scarydrugged cult Scandopunk band league table, then heed this: any band whose catchiest-as-ebola, most radio-ready, impossible not to pogo-and-shimmy-to ditty about dancing is called Shake Your Shit Machine deserves kudos, and not just from me.

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