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BIG WRECK – Albatross

| 24 January 2013 | Reply


Label: Zoe/Rounder Records

Release Date: February 19, 2013


Reviewed by: ToddStar

You just have to love it when you start checking out a new disc from a band you aren’t familiar with starts off in a vein you weren’t expecting and turns into a full fledged rocker.  That is exactly what happened when I put on the latest from Big Wreck.  “Head Together” came on and opened slowly and quietly, but soon the guitars, drums, and bass kicked in letting the listener know the band is here to rock.  The vocals are earthy and rock driven.  If this track is any indication, this will be fun.  “A Million Days” is different from the last track, but still has that rock feel to it.  This tune is a little mellower, but you won’t be going to sleep.  The tempo and mood shifts in the song are great, especially when the energy is increased at the bridge and chorus.  “Wolves” adds yet another flavor to the disc, but it still has my attention.  The drumming here is really noticeable, as is the guitar work.  The vocals make the track.  Title track “Albatross” sneaks in and you aren’t sure what to expect from the guitar introduction.  Once the bass and drums kick in, you realize this is going to be a cool bluesy track that demonstrates another approach from the band.  “Glass Room” is another track that kicks off with some energy and a cool vibe created by the guitars.  The vocals kick in along with the bass line and soon the song is taking over as one of the better on the disc.  The vocals seem to soar through the chorus and add depth to the track.  “All Is Fair” comes along and gives the listener yet another thing to enjoy on this disc.  The sound is different from the other tracks here, yet similar at the same time.

“Control” is a more mellow track that keeps the pace a bit slower than what we are accustomed to on this disc, but it isn’t a goofy ballad, just a slow-tempo rocker.  “Rest of the World” brings the guitar back, along with the pounding rhythm section.  The rock is back and in your face.  This is one of the better tracks here, as it really lets the band flex its muscles and show the world what they have got.  “You Caught My Eye” is a balls out bluesy rocker that would do any of your favorites proud.  Close you eyes and tell me if you hear and feel ZZ Top in this track.  Damn this is a great track; probably the best on the disc.  “Do What You Will” is another solid track that comes at straight at you and rocks you.  The guitars and drums here are really good and make this track the rocker it is.  “Time” slows the pace back down, but the use of the percussion to keep the tempo up a bit keeps this one up.  The disc doesn’t end on a big rock track, but it does end on a good track.  Check these guys out… you just might feel the need to add it to your collection, just like I did.

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