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MACHINA – To Live And Die In The Garden Of Evil

| 12 December 2012 | Reply


Label: Rogue Records America

Release Date: September 25, 2012

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Every once in a while a really good rock album surfaces out of nowhere… at least not from my radar.  One of those releases is the latest effort from Machina.  This Little Rock, AR band really dropped a great rock and roll record this year with their release, ‘To Live and Die In The Garden Of Evil.’  This has tracks that feature different tempos, grooves, and emotions.

“Crown” kicks this off with a great guitar riff that has a bit of a psychedelic meets grunge meets rock feel to it.  The song features vocals that range from singing to a bit of almost screaming.  The diversity in teh song draws you in and soon you can’t wait to see what else these guys are going to throw at you.  The next track, “For Fame,” follows in the same vein and rocks.  The song is well constructed and played.  The vocals are well matched to the groove of the tune.  After a mellow tune, another ballad-type shows up, but this one has teeth.  “Trust” is a great radio track that will most likely hit the masses.  What a shame!!  “Tranquility” comes along and gets the rock volume back up and reminds me why I loved Alice In Chains.  This song was almost written for Layne Stayley and Jerry Cantrell – I love this one.

“Marie” is a catchy song that is grungy and dirty, but very accessible.  It adds to the dynamic and depth of the disc.  Another metal ballad, “Precious,” slows the pace, but keeps the edge.  It also segue ways into “Belladonna.”  This beautiful track is one of the highlights for me.  It is nice to see rock and metal guys can slow it down, enjoy the song, and really play their instruments without all the noise and effects.  It demonstrates the real ability of this group.  “The Verdict” and “Same Song” bring that dirty rock groove back to the disc and help wrap this package up with a metal bow.

Willing to take a chance on a band you may not have heard of yet?  Do it – you just may find yourself digging Machina… I know I do.


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