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BLACK SPACE RIDERS – Light Is The New Black

| 15 November 2012 | Reply

Label: Rough Trade Distribution
Released: March 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, the ride is about to commence.  You’ll need to get comfortable and prepare yourself for an aural raping – drugs are optional and at your own discretion, though we feel they may help some of you…

Here we go, then… Germany’s Black Space Riders will deliver you a 60 minute and two seconds-long musical essay they have titled “Songs about luminaries, black holes, hope and loss in outer space” – and from personal experience we can tell you it’s the unholy liason of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath after ingesting a few tabs of the brown acid…

From acid psychedelia through metal and stoner rock, embellished with prog noodlings, introspective howls and dark-side-of-the-force growls, the journey is manifest, slightly disturbing, definitely challenging, and absolutely engaging.

This is metal as art, made by sci fi geeks and amateur philosophers, high on life and weed and lysergics hitherto unknown to mankind, and featuring the coolest song title of the year in “Someone Has Turned The Knob To Switch On The Light, But Instead Something Strange Happened To The Warp Engine”.

Utterly mad genius.


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