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ASSASSIN to Release First Ever DVD Chaos and Live Shots January 29th via Steamhammer/SPV

| 29 November 2012 | Reply

Blood and gore all over the place, smelly feet in a car with closed windows, and as if that wasn’t enough, there are roadies crawling through grotty attics, interspersed with wild parties, plenty of drugs and tons of alcoholic beverages – somehow you can’t make up your mind which of these countless choleric excesses of a wonderfully and thoroughly uncivilized cohabitation you’d most like to have been a part of.

Thrash metal act ASSASSIN were there all the way, which is why they will probably be the last survivors of the human race when Planet Earth plunges – as predicted – into the abyss this coming winter. Mind you: should Armageddon really materialize, they at least had a good time. Where? In Frankfurt and Hagen, in Lichtenfels and Bochum, in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, but also … wait for it! … in Osaka (!). March 2010 saw eight cameras witness ASSASSIN conquer that Japanese city, pulling out all the stops at the True Thrash Fest.

Not only were ASSASSIN‘s two shows caught on camera, but also the every-day madness this chaos squad lives with. So should the world not come to an end after all, you will be able to watch all this and much more on double DVD, out January 29th in North America on Steamhammer/SPV. Chaos and Live Shots is the title of that footage (which is anything but confidential), presenting a thoroughly anarchistic band.

Well how about this one: why is guitarist Michael Hoffmann pulled across the poker table like that? Or: why does drummer Björn Sondermann smash up his … hmm … well-kept Honda van? Why do the phones of the other band members ring all the time so they can’t ever seem to get down to some serious meditation? And why does this damn mobile have to ring when they’d much rather cheer on their favorite football team, Fortuna Düsseldorf, at the stadium?

Find answers to all these essential questions on Chaos and Live Shots, plus bizarre anecdotes and wild film sequences from the career of this five-piece thrash band from Germany.  ‘Uncle Tom’ Angelripper has his say, and the guys from Violent Force and Deathrow also were called upon to talk about their memories, complemented by comments from original Assassin drummer Psycho Danger (the name says it all!), the band’s first manager, and various ex-bassists. And in between, there are lots of hard-as-nail thrash metal tracks courtesy of ASSASSIN.

Chaos and Live Shots is pretty extraordinary. But Assassin wouldn’t be Assassin if the band hadn’t ignored all conventions when they got down to putting together the material. Chaos And Live Shots is brilliantly chaotic and wonderfully alive – which we already mentioned above.

A trailer for the DVD can be viewed HERE.

DVD content / packing:

2 DVDs in a Digipak + 40 page booklet + exclusive voucher to enter the competition for a FERNANDES Tremor Bass guitar

DVD 1: Exclusive interviews with many well known artists and insiders of the German and international Thrash Metal Scene such as Tom Angelripper (Sodom), Harris Johns (cult producer) and many others. Complete Band documentary sidelined by specials and background information on the bands history.

DVD 2: Full ASSASSIN live Show – Osaka 2010 + Specials / 5 Bonus Songs


Robert Gonella – vocals

Michael Hoffmann – guitars

Jürgen “Scholli” Scholz – guitars

Joachim Kremer – bass

Björn “Burn” Sondermann – drums

For More Info Visit:

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