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Steel Panther, Melbourne, 7th October, 2012

| 9 October 2012 | Reply

With The Art
Festival Hall, Melbourne
Review and Photos by Shayne McGowan

Tonight the show is opened by Sydney band The Art.  I am unfamiliar with them, having never heard the name, let alone any of their music until now.  The majority of the crowd are not overly impressed from the beginning, and let’s face it; Steel Panther were going to be a tough band to open for.  The Art are extremely tight, and an obviously talented band however, and the crowd start to warm to them after a few songs.  I thoroughly enjoyed their short set, particularly the great drum solo, and will definitely be looking them up in the future.

The lights go out, and the moment everyone has been waiting for is upon us.  Steel Panther storm the stage and fire straight in to a high energy rendition of “Supersonic Sex Machine”.   Hardly stopping for air, they launch in to “Tomorrow Night”, and the crowd are singing along with every word.  No Steel Panther show would be complete without their famous between song banter, and they definitely don’t hold back tonight.  The jokes are all there, and the well-rehearsed routines that I witnessed on their last tour have barely changed, but I still can’t help but laugh.

“Fat Girl”, “Asian Hooker”, “Just Like Tiger Woods” and “If You Really, Really Love Me” whip the crowd in to a frenzy of hair, booze and exposed boobs.  I think it’s safe to say that a Steel Panther show is the ultimate party.

Satchel takes centre stage for his guitar solo.  One which ends with him on the drum riser, manning the kick drum, while playing some of the most famous metal riffs of all time.

“Turn out the Lights” and “Shocker” are out next, before some more very funny, very entertaining stage banter.  Nothing is off limits to Steel Panther.  Jokes are made at every band member’s expense.  It’s no surprise that there were signs outside the venue warning of “extreme adult content”.

“That’s what Girls Are For” brings us the first of much on stage nudity to come, and is followed by the ballad (Or as close to ballad territory as Steel Panther will ever get anyway) “Girl from Oklahoma”.  To close out the set, they play my two favourite Panther songs, “Party All Day” and “Death to all But Metal”.

Over all, it has been an extremely high energy set, very entertaining, and there have been many laugh out loud moments throughout, including Michael Starr wielding a huge inflatable penis.  We’re all left wanting more, and the band doesn’t disappoint.

With so many of their songs left unplayed, Steel Panther could go on for hours, but a three song encore will have to be enough.  “Community Property” and “Eyes of a Panther” hit the spot perfectly, although the true party moment of the night is yet to come.

Michael Starr invites several female members of the crowd and several of the Brazers girls on stage.  What follows is a site to be seen.  Near naked women strut the stage, dancing, kissing and touching each other, while Steel Panther close the night out with an epic rendition of “17 Girls in a Row”.

Steel Panther have been better tonight than they were on the last tour, which is not to say that they were bad the first time, in fact they were great.  Tonight has been a longer set, and a bigger stage production, with some killer lighting..  All elements have come together to make this a truly memorable nine out of ten show.

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