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Kiss – Destroyer {Resurrected}

| 3 October 2012 | Reply

Label: Mercury Records

Release Date: August 21, 2012

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Do Kiss fans really need another remastered version of Destroyer?  As a long time Kiss fan that has purchased every domestic release out there, even if it were simply to get a new cover, I say yes.  That being said, if you are the average rocker who dug the album, maybe.  And if you already have Destroyer and never listen to it, I wouldn’t run out for it.

The most exciting part of the new release is the packaging.  The original “brown” cover that was submitted for use is the now being used.  It is less polished and has the guys wearing the Alive! costumes.  Also, once you open the package, the CD has been produced to resemble the vinyl release from 1976.  Even the flip side of the disc is black (not silver like most CDs produced today).

Once the disc was in the player, I instantly went to the new version of “Sweet Pain” with the new original guitar solo.  The solo that was recorded and never used is much better and I feel would have better fit the song and the vibe of the disc, even in 1976.  Now that I have checked that out, it is time to play the entire disc and see what else jumps out.

Sonically, a lot of the tracks seem crisper and louder.  There are also a few nuances that jump out, like extra chorus lines in “Detroit Rock City” and the subtle remix of the album to bring out the lower end and suppress a bit of the high end sounds.  The chorus on “Great Expectations” seems to pop a little more.  There was also discussion of an addition to “Beth.”  The mix brought the acoustic guitars to the front in certain parts of the track and added to the track and there is another little vocal piece in the mix as well.  .They also actually labeled the forever unmentioned track after “Do You Love Me” as “Rock And Roll Party.”

I was disappointed to see they didn’t release this as a 2-CD version with demos and unreleased tracks, as originally planned, but I do love this album.  I think it set a watermark for the band that they have tried to eclipse for 35 years.

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