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ILL NINO – Epidemia

| 9 October 2012 | Reply

Label: Victory Records

Release Date: October 22, 2012

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It is so hard to review a bands record when you are friends with the guys.  Even harder after you just reviewed the new disc from a band you have followed for 36 years.  Wait, this is the new disc from Ill Nino.  It isn’t that hard to review when the disc is this good.

I loved ‘Dead New World,’ so these guys had to come to the plate swinging in my opinion.  “The Depression” kicks this off and totally in the right direction.  Most of the songs here have that familiar growl from Cristian and killer guitar work from Ahrue and Diego.  The most noticeable carry over from the bands last release is the very tribal percussion beats.  Drummer Dave and percussionist Danny really out do themselves here on most of the tracks here, but I love the work on “Forgive Me Father.”  This is one of my favorite tracks here, along with “Time Won’t Save You” and “Invisible People.”  The pounding bass lines provided by Laz anchor this disc, better than they have in years.  Like I told the guys the other night, the latter makes me respin the disc hoping to hear something new that will add to the experience.  The tracking is perfect here and keeps you from getting bored or lulled into a safe place.

“La Epidemia,” one of the more aggressive tracks on the disc, is a killer on which these guys bring everything they have.  It also came across powerfully live.  Another fav here is “Escape.”  I love when the tribal beats line up against the guitar work and bass line.  Throw the vocals on top of that and you have another winner.  If you are looking for great metal, look no further – once again, Ill Nino has all the goods.

Category: CD Reviews

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