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| 24 October 2012 | Reply

Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal ushered in as many duds as treasures, but DEMON have held on firmly to the second tier in some shape or form for over 30 years now, and are back with a very impressive CD Book – UNBROKEN.

Vocalist Dave Hill may be the only man standing from their 1979 formation, but he has assembled a solid band who know what they’re doing and authentically transport the listener back to a time not only pre-thrash, grunge, emo & nu-metal, but also before The Darkness, Steel Panther and even Spinal Tap!

Anthemic headbangers of the calibre of Fill Your Head With Rock and I Still Believe truly evoke a time before irony or parody ever infiltrated metal music:  there’s no trace of a smirk in Hill’s voice when he sings of “still believing that rock can rule the world”.  It’s a beautiful thing to behold for a rocker who grew up with such sentiment.

Unbroken says a lot about Hill and Demon – they remain where many have fallen, and despite tragedy and bad luck along the way, they truly believe in what they’re doing.  Boasting an iconic cover that is as simple as it is effective – shiny chains cross-crossed – also speaks volumes.  Musically Unbroken is solid, old school heavy metal with flashes of genius which is absolutely recommended listening for anyone carrying a torch for the NWOBHM sound.

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