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Eve 6 – Speak In Code

| 15 September 2012 | Reply

Label: Fearless Records

Release Date: April 24, 2012

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Eve 6. When you mention their name, most people ask if they are still around. One listen to the new disc, Speak In Code, and there is no doubt they are still around – and doing it even better than in the past.

“Curtain” kicks off with a very pop-rock beat and track, but is VERY infectious. This song has a great chorus that keeps you engaged and has you singing along in no time. It is simply getting you ready for the next track. “Victoria” is the ultimate “Where were you last night” song, while keeping the energy level up. The vocals are awesome and take on the emotional spin needed to pull off this song. There is no guessing why this was the first single from the disc. “Situation Infatuation” continues the feel good party groove being created. The pop woven into the rock makes a true rocker feel guilty for loving this, but you can’t help it. This is 1980’s pop kicked into 2012 and rocked out a little. “B.F.G.F.” has a very sexy guitar riff being played just underneath the vocals, but it enhances the feel of the tune. Again, this disc keeps getting better – the music is totally mesmerizing and keeps the listener interested.

“Lions Den” kicks off with a synth intro that harkins back to “Inside Out” from the bands debut disc while showing the growth that has occurred in the last 14 years. “Blood Brothers” is the first song to kick off without a big musical interlude. Max Collins’ vocals and a chunky riff are all that introduce you to this song. Don’t worry – all the pop/rock goodness from the previous tracks show themselves in no time and make this yet another great song. “Lost & Found” combines all the things that make this disc a winner. Great guitar work combined with thunderous drums make for a great backdrop for the chorus and vocals that keep you humming along on this track. “Moon” is the first song that didn’t grab me from the beginning. It is a solid song, but doesn’t fit the groove of the disc.

“Downtown” takes it back up a notch… maybe even a notch and a half. This track is full of chunky rock guitars and drum fills. The layered background vocals enhance the lead and chorus. The musicianship of the band really shines on this one. “Trust Me” has a VERY sexy bass line opening up the track and is very audible throughout the song. This song helps demonstrate everything that is right about Eve 6 and exactly whey they can still crank out music. You have to love any song that has the line: “we’ll do a couple lines; you’ll have a splendid time.” Along comes “Everything” and its sped up punk groove. Is it Max or Billie Joe? This song is very Green Day, but this band puts their own stamp on it – IN A BIG WAY – and makes it their own. By time the chorus hit, my foot was keeping time along with the drummer. “Pick Up The Pieces” is quite different from everything else here, but still good; just good in a different way. The vocals really stand out, but don’t count out the band. They show how large a song can be while keeping it simple. The fills and riffs accentuate the song without being overpowering.

I have to say, Heather and her crew at Fearless seem to have their finger on the pulse. This one is a winner in my books and will stay in my spin cycle for months and years to come. It doesn’t matter the genre, a great album is a great album.

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