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Book review: IRON MAN by TONY IOMMI

| 3 September 2012 | Reply

(As told to TJ Lammers)
Simon & Schuster UK

By Shane Pinnegar

The Master Of The Riff tells his “journey through heaven and hell with Black Sabbath” to TJ Lammers and as expected it’s a drug and metal filled roller coaster ride. Decadent stories abound, all told with a sharp, dry wit and a self-deprecating sense of humour.

The stories we all know – how he lost the ends of his fingers in a factory accident, how the band got together and broke up, and so forth – are all told with a disarming freshness and casual frankness that could not be more different from his former singer’s I AM OZZY tome of a couple of years ago. Where that book was a rehash of the most well known stories, with little insight to the man himself, IRON MAN sees Iommi explaining how his accident led to his unique playing style, his relationships with his bandmates, the wives that came and went and much more. All of which goes a fair way to tell us about the person, as well as the legend.

So much so that by the end, where he talks about being in a good, happy and positive place, the bittersweet irony of his announcement shortly after publication that he was suffering from Lymphoma is enough to draw a tear.

Highly recommended.

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