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DVD: K-9

| 21 August 2018 | Reply

DVD: K-9
Directed by
Starring James Belushi, Mel Harris, Kevin Tighe, Ed O’Neill, Rando
Shock Entertainment, June 2018
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

This cute buddy cop movie with a difference was made in 1989, pairing James Belushi up with Rando, A West German German Shepherd who had been discovered after a worldwide search for the ‘right’ animal.

It was worth it, with Rando (as Jerry-Lee) stealing many of his scenes from his more famous leading man. Apparently the scene where Jerry-Lee plays dead after coming out of surgery wasn’t even in the script, Rando just ad-libbed it so to speak, and it provided one of the funniest scenes in the film.

Belushi is Dooley, your standard, run of the mill, Hollywood styled renegade cop out to catch the big gangster but ruffling every feather in the process. It’s a tried and true trope – ho hum – but partnering Dooley against his wishes with Jerry-Lee provides a point of difference and a lot of laughs and cuteness, especially if you’re a dog person (as this reviewer most definitely is).

The plot is largely dot-to-dot by the numbers, but it’s a cute film, with Belushi playing well to his co-star and giving the pooch ample room to do his thing and as an added bonus, our tweenage daughter loved it. So did our dogs, actually.


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