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| 10 October 2017 | Reply

Shock Entertainment
August 2017
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
6 ½ /10

Way back in 2004 Marvel hadn’t yet worked out how best to present their impressive comic book super hero staples on the screen – and it shows in The Punisher, co-written and directed by Jonathon Hensleigh, and starring John Travolta and Thomas Jane.

Special Agent Frank Castle (Jane) brings down a mob kingpin while undercover, and in the ensuing shootout, the big boss, Howard Saint (Travolta)’s son is killed.

The punishment is gangland fierce – direct from Mrs Saint (Laura Harring) – kill Castle’s entire family, and bad guys are despatched to an extended family gathering at Castle’s Dad (Roy Scheider)’s pad for some target practice.

Castle doesn’t die, though – he is reborn as… The Punisher.

The key to enjoying The Punisher will revolve around how you answer this question: Do you love superhero movies, or action cop revenge films? Because Hensleigh and Marvel have made Castle just that – a cop looking to avenge his family, rather than a superhero. As such, it’s an okay movie. With a bit more superhero in it… why, it could have been Marvelous.



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