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| 29 September 2017 | Reply

Arrow Video
April 2017
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
7 ½ /10

Terence Hill stars in this 1968 spaghetti western, as the eponymous Django, a loving husband who is left for dead when badass bandidos sack his wagon and murder his wife and child.

Django isn’t dead, though, and sets about finding work for the local corrupt politician who runs the bandidos – as a hangman.

Django’s elaborate plan involves faking the deaths of local outlaws and petty thieves, then recruiting them to his gang in order to exact his vicious revenge on those who did him wrong.

The Django character spawned dozens of imitators and sequels – both legitimate and otherwise – after Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 film Django, starring Franco Nero. The only discernible extra on these discs is an interview with spaghetti western expert Kevin Grant that delves into the Django legacy.

Hill plays Django far straighter than his Trinity character in the series co-starring Bud Spencer, which were only a couple of years ago by this point, and as usual his charisma, charm and leading man looks make him instantly likeable and impossible to tear your eyes away from right the way through, and as shootouts and betrayals and chases come and go, by the time we get to the graveyard climax of the film, you’ll be cheering along. Exciting.


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