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MOVIE REVIEW: Mr Peabody & Sherman

| 11 April 2014 | Reply

MOVIE REVIEW: Mr Peabody & Sherman
Directed by Rob Minkoff
Starring Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Stephen Colbert
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Mr Peabody and Sherman movie poster

So, there’s this dog, right, who’s ultra clever and invents stuff and lives in a luxury apartment, and he adopts a kid – like, a human kid, right? With me so far?

Then the kid bites a bitchy kid at school ‘cos, well, he’s pretty clued up and the bitchy kid was jealous – and all hell breaks loose – the dog now has to impress the little girl’s parents or the kid’s going to be taken away by the mean ol’ Social Services lady… but the kid tries to be nice to the bitchy girl a bit too hard, and he and the precocious little lady zoom about in time with the dog’s WABAC time machine, causing all hell to break loose again – though on a far greater, world-destroying, scale! \

Hell, it’s pretty out there, but great movies have been made with far more ludicrous plots!

Mr Peabody & Sherman were originally seen in the 50’s + 60’s cartoon collection The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, so it’s great to see they’ve been updated faithfully, but well modernised here for contempory audiences. There’s loads of fun to be had as Peabody and Sherman meet all sorts of historical figures, save the world, set everything to rights, learn how better to relate to and love each other, and have a laugh in the process.

With a mixture of humour appropriate for young school age kids, the historical time periods visited and some more grown up gags for the Mum’s and Dad’s, Mr Peabody and Sherman all adds up to a fun rollercoaster through time. Tia, our 6 year old, and her friend Caitlin loved the film, even though they readily admitted the historical sequences largely went over their heads. Get ‘em in on the ground floor, in future years the historical references will make sense, and it should remain a film close to their hearts – and ours – for years to come.



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