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LIVE: BILL BAILEY – Larks In Transit – Perth

| 29 November 2016 | Reply

LIVE: BILL BAILEY – Larks In Transit – Perth
Riverside Theatre, Perth – Sunday, 27 November, 2016 
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar


Bill Bailey combines the intellectual absurdities of Monty Python to great effect with the manic energy and charming talkativeness of Billy Connelly, and in this, his 30th year as a comedian, and 20th year touring Australia, it’s easy to see why his shows are sold out around the country.

Showing a decent grasp on Australian and global politics to know about the Greens (“I want the Greens to be successful, if only they’d say something with a little common sense”), and “that crazy woman in Queensland with the weird hair,” he also delivers hilarious observations about Sunday night in Perth, Brexit and what he describes as “The Trumpocalypse.”

A talented chap, Bailey always incorporates a strong musical element to his show, and takes delight in conducting the audience ‘laugh-singing’ Handel’s Water Music, jamming a dance symphony over the iPhone default ringtone, teasingly airing “a song I wrote for Adele called You Left Me But I Don’t Go On About It,” and rewriting Happy Birthday in the dark and dramatic style of 1930’s German cabaret legend Kurt Weil – all in the first half.

Coming back from the break, Bailey continues to mine comedy gold, turning up his electric guitar to show how most songs sound better in heavy metal form, and proving so with Dancing Queen and Rasputin, before laughingly admitting, “ahhh what a preposterous way to make a living!”

Bailey has the ability to turn legitimate thoughtful ruminations on the absurdity of the world’s major issues and minutae into absolute hilarity using some kind of wizard-like comedic alchemy.

Bailey teases the crowd for being somewhat guarded, but there’s no denying their enthusiasm for Bailey’s electronic music workshop, and the piece de resistance of the night: his description of a nerve-wracked meeting with Paul McCartney that resulted in tears of hilarity and sore stomach muscles from uncontrollable laughter.

There’s more laughs through two encores, the applause continuing long after Bailey finally leaves the stage.


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