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LIVE: PETER MURPHY – Perth, 28 Oct, 2018

| 30 October 2018 | Reply

LIVE: PETER MURPHY – Perth, 28 Oct, 2018
Capitol, Perth, Western Australia
Reviewed by Karl Infirri

Sunday evening I was treated to an evening of intense yet relaxing goth-rock at Club Capitol in Perth. I was there to see a man known as Peter Murphy, the former lead singer of goth-rock pioneers Bauhaus – along with the aforementioned band’s former bassist, David J.

At the moment Peter is touring for the 40th Anniversary of Bauhaus, playing their first album In The Flat Field in its entirety, followed by a best of Bauhaus set.

As I set my gaze within Capitol that night, coloured clothing was nowhere in sight. I too, had made sure I fit the part correctly, wearing all black like my man Johnny Cash. I considered myself a “goth” when I was about 19 years old, so it was fun for me to return to that style and mindframe for the evening.

Opening up the night’s proceedings was a local Post Punk/Goth band, Nerve Quakes. I have to say I was very impressed. Fronted by quietly charismatic enigma vocalist Caitie, they belt out some beautiful notes throughout the set with a self-confident attitude. She’s got style and I’m jealous of her hair. Their music was atmospheric, relaxing – yet intense. The performance had the crowd glued – if nobody knew who they were prior to their performance, they surely gained some fans from this solid outing. Nerve Quakes maximized their minutes and took advantage of the packed house at Capitol and they should be proud of what they accomplished. Some would say a band like this is a “throwback” to Goth Rock from the late 70s/80s (which is a lazy way to describe it anyway!) – I would say it’s a continuation of a sound that was created back then – expanded on it, resulting in a sheer brooding beauty.

Peter Murphy took to the stage after what felt like a long intermission. An intimidating presence, from the outset this man had the crowd under his control like a mad puppet master. He appeared unhappy with the sound from the start, pointing out his demands to the engineer followed by jamming the mic into the speaker to create a horrid shriek of feedback for all of us to enjoy in discomfort and pain. It’s fine. That’s rock n roll baby.

After the initial situation with the sound, Peter appeared to become happier with things and the show rolled on as they busted out In The Flat Field from start to finish. There was such gusto and fire from the outfit throughout the duration of the set, mirroring a band 20 years younger.

Hot tip for any music lovers out there, if the performer you’ve paid your money to see happens to grab your phone out of your hand as you incessantly record every song on video, what they’re trying to tell you is it’s annoying them and you should stop and live in the real world and experience the moment. That’s exactly what happened. Peter Murphy made it clear the constant video recording wasn’t necessarily welcome. I will never understand why people behave the way they behave when it comes to their phones.

At 61 years old, Murphy still has a spike in his gut, and as they moved through an array of classic Bauhaus tracks, he was unrelenting, as was his well-oiled backing group, especially David J, who was a monster on the bass throughout the proceedings. It’s hard to believe this was a 40th anniversary tour, such was the quality of musicianship and the admirable power of their live performance.


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