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LIVE: Primal Scream – Fremantle, 15 Feb 2018

| 19 February 2018 | Reply

LIVE: Primal Scream – Fremantle, 15 Feb 2018
Metropolis Fremantle; Thursday, 15 February, 2018
Reviewed by Brian Dunne
Photography by Stuart McKay

Primal Scream strode onto the stage at Metro’s in Freo like the megastars they are to a megacheer from the packed crowd, like they deserved. The virtual full house was packed by a crowd made up in equal measures of the young and curious and nineties rave throwbacks. Everyone was in the house for a good, good time.

The five piece band cracked into action with a mixture of new and familiar tunes. Primal Scream made it clear from the outset that they are no nostalgia act, Primal Scream have consistently released records for three decades now, some of which may not have stimulated the clitoris of popular culture in quite the way the band stroked it so often throughout the nineties, yet their music has remained eminently listenable.

Intent on showcasing songs from right across their broad and diverse back catalogue, the band opened with Slip Inside before stomping into Jailbird. There’s a sniff of newer songs from the two albums they’ve released since last time the band struck our shores six years ago when, abruptly six songs into the set the show ratcheted up a notch or two and the rock took over with loads of handclap moments.

Fans of the band are familiar with their eclectic back catalogue which stretches every which way, not least in the direction of country rock. It is not too much in the way of hyperbole to state that Primal Scream genuinely could give The Rolling Stones a salutary lesson in how to strip back and pull off a heartfelt country song, it’s as if they were born in the deep South rather than the chilly North.

Then, half way through the set, when Gillespie pulls his maracas out of his pants you know you are just about to get rocked. It should be noted that lead singer and rock god Bobby Gillespie has most definitely stuck to a diet plan way better than what Weight Watchers has done for Mel B.

Swastika Eyes leads into the iconic Loaded which is blasted out as the penultimate playlist song, only to be followed by the ultimate, Rocks. It’s going off! A lengthy break ensued – why so long one can’t imagine – before the band returned to crank out two of the band’s greatest of their dirty hits, Come Together and Moving On Up.

This life-affirming concert careered to its perfect conclusion. It was all over too soon and the crowd cheered for more Primal Scream but I guess they’ll all have to wait another six years or so.. I’m pretty certain they’ll be there again too.


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