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CD REVIEW: BOOZE BUG – Booze Your Illusion

| 1 April 2016 | Reply

CD REVIEW: BOOZE BUG – Booze Your Illusion
Bret Hard Records
27 November, 2015
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
7 ½ /10

Booze Bug - Booze Your Illusion cover

You have to assume there’s going to be a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek action on Germany’s Booze Bug’s album just from the Guns n’ Roses-malapropism title and the band member’s ‘humorous’ bug-related pseudonyms, not to mention the rear cover picture of a pair of barbecue tongs hanging from a bullet belt around denim jeans. However, Bugsy Malone, Humphrey Bugart, Bug Spencer, Bug Rogers and Starbug have – deliberately or otherwise – made a really good classic metal album.

It’s not ALL a pisstake though: the fivesome’s real names are listed clearly on the inside sleeve, and whilst they sing primarily about their love for alcohol and its consequences (Glass Of Demons, Booze Cruise (Leather Beasts), Welcome To The Dark, Inspiration Salad, Troublemaker) and horror (Wolverine, Burn (BBQ’s Revenge) ) they also take time out to thank God and family in the liner notes.

Musically Booze Bug land mostly in the mid-‘80s Deutsche-boogie metal area, with guitarists Jens Wagner and Boris Edelmann channelling equal parts AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Accept and cult faves Bullet, whilst Marc Lemier’s ultra-raw vocals lend an undeniably metal edge to proceedings.

It all adds up to a slightly confused hot grilled mess of partly-drunken fun, where the good songs and talent on show are subverted into the concept in their search for fun and laughs.


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