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CD REVIEW: GRAVEYARD BBQ – The Road That Lies Ahead EP

| 17 January 2015 | Reply

CD REVIEW: GRAVEYARD BBQ – The Road That Lies Ahead EP
Dirtcore Records
October 2014
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Graveyard BBQ - The Road That Lies Ahead EP

Brownbag Johnson is back with the second of a trilogy of EPs, and it’s a rollicking good-time instalment of his patented Dirtcore groove.

What’s Dirtcore? I hear you ask politely – well, if we think of a Southern rock moonshine porch party with the amps cranked to eleven and a grimey stoner groove under the surface, then we might be getting close.

Opener Going For The Gusto! sets the tone to ‘party’ and the levels into the red, before Johnson gives Fleetwood Mac’s World Turning the full GBBQ treatment, turning it into all picked guitar, stomped drums and heavy groove for a remarkably great result.

Made My Bones is a Southern wall of sound, like Skynyrd on nitro-steroids and the closing title track sees Johnson having a semi-acoustic rag, complete with stompbox and you can almost hear that jug of moonshine sloshing away net to him.

The Road That Lies Ahead is bright indeed, and you should get on it.


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