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| 19 September 2014 | Reply

August 2014
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Dragonforce - Maximum Overload cover

It’s business as usual for Dragonforce on their sixth studio album, and that sounds pretty good to me.

After all: why should they change? Their style remains as unique as ever – preposterously fast playing, solos that sound at times like insane video games gone haywire, soaring metal vocals, super-catchy melodies and bombastic, anthemic choruses that make Manowar look like a trio playing acoustic covers down your local boozer.

Their sound may be the same all these albums later, but they’re still inventive within that framework – this is no tired old ‘80s AC/DC trudge through the playbook. It’s precisely because it is so completely over the top that Dragonforce work – Heavy Metal has always been better with a self deprecating sense of humour within arms reach.

The key to it all is making the music good: and on Maximum Overload, songs such as Tomorrow’s Kings, Three Hammers (ironically like Manowar on speed), the epic The Sun Is Dead and City Of Gold all hold their head up high and guarantee good times the next time the band come to your town.

Topping the record off with a manic race through Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire is an unexpected yet mostly successful exclamation mark, and it brings the album to a panting, sweaty finish in fine style.


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