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PUSCIFER – Donkey Punch The Night EP

| 9 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Puscifer Entertainment

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I always dug Tool, A Percfect Circle, Puscifer, and wine.  Guess Maynard James Keenan and I would probably get along just fine.  I am not typically a fan of EPs or cover songs.  That being said – pick up this EP with covers from Puscifer when it drops on February 19.  “Bohemian Rhapsody (O.G. Mix)” is an ambitious track to duplicate, as this song has iconic status.  This cover is really good.  While the songs arrangement remains pretty true to the original, the vocals have a few custom fills and deviations that add the bands stamp to this classic.  Had I never heard the original, I would be a fan of this version!  “Breathe” is next and has a cool rock vibe missing from so many songs today.  The use of keyboards and effects, along with the guitar and drums make this another great track.  The vocals are ethereal and add depth to an already really good track.  “Dear Brother” is another fun track on this collection.  The song takes components from different genres of rock and seems to blend them in a nice little package.  The bass line stands out on this track quite well and adds dimension to the song.  Another cover, “Balls To The Wall (Pillow Fight Mix),” is included.  Having grown up with the original, it seems like a stretch, but again, the band does this song more justice than the original.  Don’t get me wrong, the original is great, but this is a little less agressive and more accessible to the masses the way it is arranged and sang.  The vocals are clean and emotive here.  This is so much better than an angry growling German.  There are also remixes of the last three tracks, not that they needed any reworking.  “Breathe (Drumcell rework)” turns the original into a techno track that loses a little on me when it drops the rock component.  “Dear Brother (Denton rework)” doesn’t change as much as the previous track did, but this definitely has an 80’s English pop feel to it.  Not bad, just different.  “Balls To The Wall (Silent Servant El Guapo Mix)” closes with an industrial-techno instrumental version of the track.


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