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BOOK REVIEW: THE BEASTIE BOYS BOOK by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz

| 26 February 2019 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: THE BEASTIE BOYS BOOK by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz
Faber Social
November 2018
Hard cover, $49.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar


No-one should have expected that the surviving Beastie Boys, Mike D and ADROCK, would have told their story in a sane, linear-like fashion. For the co-constructors of frat boy hard rock hip hop through to revolutionary white rap that influenced everyone, full stop, that would have been too bland – too easy, perhaps.

Instead, their Beastie Boys Book is a collection of essays and articles, tributes and anecdotes, photos and lists, and everything else that a good scrapbook of their musical lives should be.

Both are limitless in their praise of their late bandmate and friend Adam MCA Yauch – they credit him with the drive and the smarts and the talent to make the band what it was, to take them out of playing in their bedrooms and onto the world’s stages. But don’t for a moment think this is some kind of eulogy – sure, that’s a small part of it, a testament to their friendship and how much they miss him – but their deep, life-long bond is obvious in their cheeky, teasing asides and self-deprecating reminiscing.

To look at it another way, this is so much more than an autobiography, and everything-plus that a Beastie Boys fan could have dreamt of asking for, all presented “with a style as distinctive and eclectic as a Beastie Boys album.” The only thing it doesn’t have is a disc of music, which feels like a small missed opportunity (though not one to chip a single shaving off my perfect score).



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