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BOOK REVIEW: Dr First – Dr Twelfth by Adam Hargreaves

| 22 August 2017 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Dr First – Dr Twelfth by Adam Hargreaves

Penguin Random House
May 2017
Paperback, $9.99 each
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar



Dr Who fans will find nothing not to like about these cute adaptations of their hero(es) into Mr Men form.

Sure the likenesses are flimsy at the best of times – especially of The Doctor’s companions (coloured blobs, mostly), and there are obvious continuity issues between the established series and these whimsical little stories – but let’s be grown up and not ultra OCD here: these are whimsical little stories that kids will love as a gateway into Dr Who, and established adult fans should view as a bit of fun and nothing more.

So what if Dale the Dalek has a faulty energy ray? Dr Fourth still never travels without jelly babies. We still get to have adventures with Cyber(Mister)men, Weeping Angels, Silurians and Sea Devils, Missy and more – and it’s all great rollicking, innocent fun.


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