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| 13 February 2017 | Reply

Hachette Australia – rrp$39.99
November 2016
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
9 ½ /10

As a self-confessed bacon addict, these guys had me at ‘bacon jam.’

Produced by the Eat 17 stores out of London, and named after their world-wide success, Bacon Jam, it’s not just a collection recipe, it’s like the Bacon Jam Encyclopedia – a collection of recipes that use their bacon jam in a bewildering array of styles, all bound in a pig-pink hard cover and crammed full of colour, quirk and love.

Obviously not aimed for the vegan market, this is carnivore territory. There’s Bacon Jam & avocado Ice Cream, ffs! (a fan contribution via Instagram – and divine) A Bacon Jam Bourbon Mary!! (Hallelujah)

It’s not all wild and wacky, mind you – bacon jam makes an excellent burger relish, goes brilliantly with croquettes and Bacon Jam pork meatballs are a treat. Bacon Jam is paired with scallops, salmon fillet, fancies up a rabbit pie, gives smoked haddock & cider pie the ingredient it never knew it was missing all these years, and is wonderful slow-cooked into their chilli con carne.

The only down-side to this book is the questionable availability in far flung territories (like Western Australia) on Eat 17’s Bacon Jam itself. The book is here on the shelves, but I can’t say we’ve ever seen the jam.

Eat 17 may not be as thrilled to hear that, nor to hear me tell me that there are plenty of very nice Bacon Jam recipes available only a Google search away – most of which will provide an excellent substitute for their own. If you see it, though, do buy it… and send me a jar, please: I’m gagging to see if it’s as good as mine!


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